"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Roll down the Windows!

My body still loves me. And quite honestly I am so grateful for this beat up body. Every scar, blister, lost toenail, my knobby knees, my farmers tan, the wrinkles around my eyes from squinting in the blazing sun..I am SO GRATEFUL.

This week I ran:
Sunday: Lacey and I- 8miles
Monday: SOLO-7 miles
Wednesday: Mary Ann 21 miles
Thursday: that's a funny story..AIRHEAD

I was meeting DANIELLE for the first time all summer to run out at Kensington. Super stoked I drove the 45 minutes out there, waited 10 minutes..No Danielle..I  read our text, then reread it.
OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD ANITA! We were not meeting today..it was NEXT week!
With no music I headed back home.

My rental car sped home under the radar of the police. Zippy little Hyundai. Sure was fun speeding around the curves with the windows down and the radio blaring.

I had a sneaky little plan. The jokester in me knew that Claudia and Jama were running their long run this morning on the back roads.
I decided to find them and sneak up on them!
Neither of them knew that I was in a rental car. I saw them come off of Addis road. They looked awesome. I pulled up next to them with my windows down and screamed boldly at them. They jumped 10 feet in the air, shrieked and may have even grabbed themselves. I was laughing so hard. I live for this stuff.
I parked my car and jumped out to join them for almost 7 miles.

Sometimes I feel every minute of my age. I never want to quit being playful. I always want to be able to run, to jump, to throw the football around with the boys. I love playing pranks, wrestling with Andy, sparring with Austin.
In her 40's, I remember my crazy mom still doing cartwheels in the yard.
In her 90's,I loved doing the Irish Jig with my grandma.

Some days, as I look at this body I see age more than others. But when I paint a smile across my face, find one of my deep guttural laughs, or find myself cracking up at my personal humor I feel so young again.
You just cant take yourself so serious. Life gets serious with no help.
Andy met me today to pick up a piece of furniture. He smelled amazing. I felt all flirty. As we left in our separate vehicles, we both headed to Tim Hortons. Ahead of Andy and still giddy from his cologne I ordered my coffee.
At the drive thru to pay the lady asked for 1.90$.
I replied giggling "Dang, that guy behind me is a cutie."
She looked at me like a was crazy.
"Hmm, he sure is cute, I think I will pay for his coffee too!" I winked
She looked confused, "Ahh, really?"
I ripped a piece of paper and wrote "CALL ME!!....and put my phone number on it. I asked her to give it to the driver.
Now she was totally laughing, I winked again and told her that he was actually my husband and drove off.
Andy pulled behind me and just shook his head with a big grin on his face.
I cracked up at myself almost all the way home.

Not every day is a flirty giddy day. Honestly, I have had a rough week. But its not going to own me. I have had a few temper tantrums, shed a few tears and been a bit discouraged. But I don't like camping out there to long. I have to find a positive channel to tune into.
Some days, you gotta turn the music up a little louder. Sometimes, you have to blow a kiss and wink like your a kid again.
Its fun to dance in the kitchen doing dishes, drive a few miles over the speed limit with the windows down and enjoy a ice cream cone the way you did as a kid.


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