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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

10 Things I didn't tell You

10 Things I didn't tell you about Bayshore Marathon:

Grand Traverse City Pie Company
  1. Friday, the day before the Marathon, I thought I was going into the ER. I was rushing from the parking lot to the gym for CC. In a hurry, I was talking on the phone to my mom, and holding donuts for the kids that PR-ed. Not paying attention, typical, and in extreme speed I didn't see the dumpster door open. My face blasted into it! I hit it so hard it knocked me in the air and flat on my back! My phone flew out of my hand flying through the air and the donuts went in the other direction. I thought I needed stitches or broke my nose. This guy came from nowhere "Are YOU ALRIGHT"?  I quickly hopped up, giggled and pretended I was a rock star.
  2. I Forgot my MAKE UP! With a gash across my nose, I really needed some paint. Kay came to my rescue. Sharing the same hotel, she happened to have an extra tube. I was so grateful.
  3. The morning of the marathon, my Garmin wouldn't charge. I later found why. It wasn't getting any charge in the hotel because you had to FLIP THE SWITCH to give power to the outlets!
  4. Claudia, selflessly gave me hers. One of the kindest things ever done. Right up there with giving me her kidney.
  5. Andy was supposed to run the Half. He gave his bib to Claudia and became my biggest fan.
  6. I didn't know my pace. I had NO idea I had to run at that pace until Jeff had sent me my splits at 9:40 the night before. I peed my pants a little. It was 13 seconds faster than I thought.
  7. I slept like a baby the night before the race.
  9. Danielle had her hardest Marathon.   She didn't get the time or experience she had trained for or dreamed of. BUT...She was looking on line for another marathon to conquer. I am so proud of her. She is so incredible. She didn't let her disappointment defeat her.
  10. It was my Anniversary Weekend. 19 years. Andy bought me a new Mountain bike. Pretty Awesome. Lets see if this bike lasts as long as my next 19 years does!
I wanted to go to 2 PLACES in TC: Cherry Republic and Grand Traverse Pie company . PIE!!! I just really wanted CHERRY PIE.

In closing, I am so blessed to be surrounded around some amazing people.
Today was the last day of CC. Our head coach congratulated me in front of all the kids on my marathon saying this: "Guys, Coach Harless doesn't just coach you things that she doesn't do herself. We as coaches walk the same walk we teach you by. I looked her splits up, she ran each of her splits faster, I watched her ranking and saw as she picked people off. Her ranking started out....and she finished ...."
The kids cheered me on. It was weird knowing one of the other coaches was checking out my race.
In Closing, People will listen to you sometimes, But they are always watching. Actions speak louder than words.
Do you practice what you preach? People don't want to hear you running your mouth, They want to see if you can put your money where your mouth is.
The best leaders are the ones that lead by example.

WTG to KRIS T! She guesses what I forgot in Traverse City! I had a mini contest on my Running against the Odds FB page. I brought her home a PRIZE!!



  1. You are very kind to have included me. It was not necessary.

    1. Claudia! I have been trying to figure out who you were! You are a very big part of my story. Seriously, right up there with giving me your kidney! lol

  2. Good Lord, you didn't miss a thing with that race: EVERYTHING managed to happen to you. You clearly aren't a lady who does things in half measures!
    Also - that Coaching Course I mentioned? The URL is here - http://www.ausport.gov.au/participating/coachofficial/generalprinciples/community_coaching_general_principles I do recommend it - I certainly got a lot out of it :)

    1. Stephen, LOL, I miss a lot but I catch up for it in mishaps! I consider changing the name to my blog to The Airhead Runner!

      Thank YOU for sending me this link. As soon as school gets out I am going to check it out better. I would love to try and do it!

      Very thoughtful of you to remember, Thank YOU