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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Snow Stoned

Life has been crazy. "MOM" has been the most popular word my ears have endured the last few weeks.
"Mom, Can you..."
"Mom, Will you..."
"Mom, Did you..."
"Mom, Can I..."
Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom...
And in the end, it is my favorite word to hear. MOM.

Running as a whole is winding down. Alec started basketball a couple weeks ago.  Austin has been at basketball tryouts all week. Basketball is his true baby.
I had to wait all day to find out if he made the team.....
He tried to stay cool about it, HE MADE IT! I was stoked.

So I am this families solo runner. My miles are nothing to write home about. I am just keeping those legs familiar with the comfort of my Brooks.
I have ran a little here and a little there. Each time I run I want to Go!
Last Thursday, Danielle and I ran our traditional 8 miler. It was the perfect progressive run. We started out at 8:45 and ended at a sub 8 minute mile.
Sunday, Austin and I went to the gym. almost 4 hours later and I only ran 1 MILE! I did weights,the bike, cold plunge, hot tub, hot shower and a great blow dry! Blow drying my hair must have burned at least 1000 calories!
Monday, was a whole different kind of work out..I remodeled the bathroom. I pulled up my big girl pants. I secretly bought paint and took the afternoon to update the bathroom.
Layer 1: Procompression Socks

Winter decided it was coming at us like a machine. The more it snowed, the more I wrote off the idea of running. More wind, more accidents, the more it sounded better to NOT run.
I texted Lacy about 1:30. We were going to run in the morning, only I never heard from her.
~"No running this morning it's horrible out!!Did you venture outside for a run today?'
-"R u kidding me no way
~"Lol!! I'm going back and forth.Mostly back about it!"
Then there was a PAUSE......
-"I'm still debating for a quick little run before I get the kids in a bit"
~Call me
Lacey Showing off her new winter purchase...I WANT These!!! I considered running her down a back road and stealing them! Check them out here "The Nomad Pant"

Next thing I knew, I was hunting down all my winter running clothes!

Greatest Base Layer: Mizuno, moisture wicking and heats body

I think I laughed for the first 2 miles. We only ran 3.6! The snow was wet and cold. The wind blasted my face off. So, I just had to laugh even harder. I was snow stoned. Lacey had to yell at me, as I went back and forth on the road. "ANITA, Pick a side of the road you are going to run on!"
I was laughing so hard at how crazy it was I wasn't really paying attention.
I saw "Claudia" coming home with her little guy out there. She has the greatest accent. This made me laugh too. I believe she is French Canadian. She rolled down her window, I invited her to join us, She laughed at me.
Layer 2:Nike thermal
I was so afraid of slipping. School was letting out and the parents were driving their kids home at the same time we were trudging through the slushy snow. I think half of my laughter was visualizing my arms wailing through the air in front of one of Alec's classmates. He would be mortified if his friends told him at school the next day that they saw his mom wipe out in the snow.
As we were making a turn a car rolled down their windows. I was trying to make the curve on two feet when I looked up and saw "Ken". This made me laugh too. How did he recognize me? I was covered in black. literally from head to toe!
Sheba like to attack GLOVES...I look like a running ninja!

I don't know what was in that snow this afternoon. All I knew was, as cold as it was, as slow as we ran, it was so stinking fun.

ALSO. A big SHOUT OUT to Amber for Subscribing to my blog! Hope to hear more from you!

Who Else Ran in the Snow Today? How did you do?


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