"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Clarkston Backroads Half 2014

This was the second year of this race. They changed the route from really, really hilly to just really hilly!
The weather was the same as last year,  drab, dreary and gray skied.

I love that the race started at 9:30am .

I had a car pool at my house at 8:15 for Joan, Javon and Jama..The J gang!
Joan was running, I was pacing her for a 1:55 half marathon.
Javon was our photographer and our support.
Jama was running with someone elses's bib. They asked Jama not to mess up their average, so she had to finish the half marathon at 1:50.
Holly Road Runners

I Love Clarkston. I have worked in Clarkston almost 20 years at Glitz Salon. I wanted to just have fun and try to get Joan a PR.

The runners this year were lined up inside Independence Oaks. Their appeared to be less runners than last year. I heard a lot of whispering about the cost of the race this year. However, the brutal course last year may have scared off  a lot of runners.

I loved the park setting. Even with the course being difficult it is so pretty.
Joan and Sue

Some Kind of CRAZY...
It was very difficult to pace the first few miles with all the hills, trails and terrain changes. When my body started getting into the groove I heard someone yell my name. I turned my head to see a gal I had noticed before the race. I had been trying to place her but couldn't. Now SHE was calling me!
"Susan Collins".
My head almost spun off its axis! "What! NO way!"
Susan told me she lives in Phoenix, Arizona and  here visiting her father for his 80th birthday!
I looked to my right at Joan , "Joan, I went to high school with her over 20 years ago!"
Then she even said she reads my blog! That really had me laughing. Oh, the readers that read my crazy ramblings with all my sloppy writing skills. One never knows!
It is always so fun to see how God is going to show up with some crazy twist to my runs and races.

The three of us ran together for a few miles. I am so loud and obnoxious. I shout, scream, high five, and cheer all the runners on.
I use mantra like
"That's It, GET UP IT!"
"You got this, COME on Joan, STAY with me!"
"GOOD Morning Clarkston!"
"No Regrets, that's it!"

We had a turn around point, at this place we could see all the runners in front of us and behind us.
Passing other runners in this way pumps me up. The extrovert in me explodes into "THE REALLY Obnoxious Runner."
I saw "Rebecca B" from Dailymile, Amy S. from church, Christina and Jama.
This was breathtaking, they were Arabian horses running back and forth against the fence line.

At mile 9, Joan was beginning to dance with the devil. Pain was presenting himself in a very real way. I knew I was going to really have to push her and encourage her. But what I didn't know was how many people I would be encouraging around me. I don't have a mute button, and my volume button doesn't work very good. Being shy isn't part of my character, neither is caring what people think. I don't get embarrassed that easy.
If I believe you can do something, If I believe you are not struggling with yourself rather the voices of defeat, you can better bet I am going to be loud, I am going to SCREAM louder than the voices in your head,  I want YOU to listen to ME, I want you to HEAR ME. I want you to BELIEVE in the words that I pour over you. I will fight with everything I have to help you and I will NOT be shy about it!

We ran near a guy doing the race with intervals. He was great. We were always within 50 feet of him. He left us and we never caught him, he was always in eyesight though.

"Just a 5K left JOAN, Stay with me" I would pull out the craziest techniques to get her to stay on pace. "10 seconds Joan, Get RIGHT HERE, 10 Seconds.." I would start counting down, pointing to the side of me, "5,4,3,2,1, That's it Great Job." And there she was back in the saddle again.
Up the hills, I would start to loose her. "Give me to the tree, Stay with me, then we will walk."
I knew it was better for her to walk for 5 seconds then to slow down and never catch back up. I could see it in her face, She was in the hurt locker.  A few feet in front of her I looked back  "Down the HILL,  turn em over, close this gap Joan, pick it up on the down hill."

The last mile and a half were all hills. I was getting so frustrated for Joan. I didn't want her to give up. I counted minutes back to her, distance left for her, I gave her everything I could think of.  As she was pulling deep physically, I was pulling all the punches and wishing I could just take her pain.

We made that last turn, there was the finish. I could hear her feet pick it up. She was all IN now! The spectators were awesome. They were full of energy, probably doing whatever it took to stay warm!

After I crossed the finish line I turned around to catch Joan. With the biggest smile of pride, I opened my arms up and just held her. I choked back the tears, but I was so proud of her. She pushed herself to her limits, she never gave up and I was just in love with her GRIT.
Sue C, From High school, I haven't seen in over 20 years!!

The Union served up some of their famous Mac and Cheese.  Coffee, hot cocoa and beer. The post race goodies were awesome, Muscle Milk, Kind bars, bananas, water, crackers and plenty more.
Joan,Jama, Erin and I

Javon and I

The volunteers were very friendly, They had to be because the course was so tough!
I liked the design of the shirtS and medal a lot. Bling is always important!

Another great Race, Grateful for all the runners I was with today. I met some amazing new people, blessed to see some old faces, and Thankful for all my running friends I was with today.

GREAT JOB to Erin, Jama, My sweet Joan, Christina R, Rebecca, Dawn M,. and Amy S!
Thankful to God for my Legs to run with and my Lungs to Cheer with!

Anyone out there run this race? What did I leave out?



  1. My husband and I ran this race as well and had a great time. I thought it was well organized, had great volunteers and loved the hilly terrain (we only did the 10k though). I sort of wish that I had signed up for the half marathon, so I'll have to save that for another year. It's great to see another local, running blogger. :)

    1. HI Amber! Thanks for commenting! I totally agree with you. It is a fun race, tough but fun. I especially loved running through the equestrian part. The horses were breath taking. Do you live in the area?
      Next year you will have to sign up for the half, I thing they already have the date!
      Hopefully they reconsider the price, That was the only downfall for a lot of the runners that didn't run it.
      Next year I will sign up earlier. Hopefully I will see you at some more of the local races.