"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, October 6, 2014

Reality VS Fantasy

The sky was dark and hollow. I headed out to find Jama in the midst of the outbreak. I ran controlled, knowing that I was going to be running for my life today. I knew I was going to need some reserve  energy for whatever chaos might challenge me.
Running down the streets, I set watch looking in every direction for Jama. "Where was she?" My mind raced. The cars were coming at me. The drivers looked like zombies. "Were they infected too?" I was frantic. My phone suddenly rang. It was JAMA!
She was lost and confused. Together, we tried to make sense from senselessness. All we knew was we needed to find one another and meet up with Lacy. There was power in numbers. We knew we could get through this chaos together. But alone, we hardly stood a chance.
We were on opposite sides of the city. Our communication had been misleading, sending us on a wild goose chase. Desperately, trying to find her I heard a woman screaming out her door "I LOVE YOUUU!!!" I was startled. Again she screamed almost louder "I SAID, I LOVEEE YOU!!!" I then heard a door slam and a little girl walk down the steps. She had a grin painted on her face. "I Said I LOVE YOU, YOU BETTER TELL ME YOU LOVEE MEEE!" The lady screamed again. The little girl must have been infected too. She left the house in a trance without answering.
I tried to gain my thoughts back. I had to find Jama.
Jama was a sight for sore eyes coming down that hill. We took a second to catch our breath and went looking for Lacy.
It wasn't long until we found Lacy.
The temperatures we leading us astray. This was part of the epidemic. They programmed the weather to try and defeat us. We shed our jackets.
We decided that we would be safe on the back roads. Get off the main roads from all the predators. We had no idea what was ahead of us in the trails of the hidden forest.

All we knew was in order to survive we needed to keep moving. We couldn't trust no one. Running through the thick woodsy trails we stuck close together. Every mile, we reminded ourselves to drink to stay hydrated. We also brought our power tablets, to give us energy. These would be beneficial to help us outrun anyone that we came in contact with that might try to harm us.

Suddenly we were taken back by a pack of raptors. 1, 2, 3, 4 they just kept coming. Something must have startled them as they ran right across us. They never looked in our direction as they crossed feet in front of us.
We then remembered the flesh eating Pterodactyls nesting in the swamp just ahead. They waited for us. There had to be a dozen of them. The three of us scoped them out as we moved up the trail. Focused on the wild birds we never saw the person running towards us. We stopped frantic, to see if she was going to attack us. It was Rachel! I had always heard Rachel was one of us but I had never had the opportunity to meet up with her. I knew we could trust us. We showed her the wild birds, Rachel  corrected us showing us they were deceiving. They were not the flesh eating beasts were thought they were.

We joined up with Rachel. The 4 of us bonded nicely in the midst of chaos.
Rachel was on a different mission. She had to veer off.

We never quit. We had to get to our safe place. Jama, stayed with us. But she too had to leave.

It was just Lacy and I left. Lacy was holding up very good. I knew she was done with her mission. She had accomplished hers. "Anita, I will stay with you."  She wasn't going to leave me, she needed to. I knew she was going to struggle later. I couldn't accept her offer as much as I wanted to.

There I was left to finish my mission. This was insanity. My body was breaking down. I started this broken and I was so afraid this mission was going to put me out of commission. "You can't quit Anita."
"Come on Nita, Come ON, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop..." I heard my voice quiver in my head.
"I called my ultimate power source, "OH Dear God, Please keep me going, please."


Reality is:
  1. They sky looked like rain.
  2. Traffic was high because of school starting.
  3. I gave Jama the wrong school to meet me at. OOPS..I created confusion in my air head moment.
  4. The woman yelling out the door at her daughter was real. I wanted so bad to yell back "I LOVE YOU TOO!" But I couldn't stop laughing!
  5. We ran the backroads, nothing too exciting!
  6. We had a pleasure to watch about 10 dear cross in front of us.
  7. We ran into a running friend of mine, Rachel, who I have never had the opportunity to run with! So fun!
  8. Rachel killed our dreams of the EAGLES...Yeah, they were actually some sort of Vultures!
  9. Everyone was running different miles. I had the most to run.
I ran 21 miles. We ran slow with walk breaks. It was so hard. My body was struggling. My It band was tight. Fear was creeping up. I ran slow but my body still hated me. Everything was burning. I was just exhausted. I didn't even have the energy to breath.
I have never gone into a marathon this under trained. I have NO idea what expect for October 19th.
This is all I know.
I am not going to quit. I am going to give all my heart. Its a matter of the Mind. Its a matter of Trust. I am going to Trust God to supply me with strength, stamina, and power. Greater is He who is in me.

Please keep me in your prayers.
I am asking for some life lines.


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