"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fortune Teller: Running from Ebola Zombies

"In running, it doesn't matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say 'I have finished.' There is a lot of satisfaction in that."
3 weeks out from the Detroit Marathon. My longest run has been a 18 miler. I am 2 weeks behind in training .
I truly believe I can do this, regardless of being behind. I had to play catch up with wisdom and patience. Two more things I am not good at!
I don't live behind stained glass. I try to be real and transparent with life and my training.
Truth is I am scared.
Today, on my 10 miler with Danielle I went into a small panic going up another hill. I could feel my heart triple time beating like a crack head. I wondered how my body was going to push through 26.2 miles in less than 3 weeks.
I wondered a lot in my dying moment.
I look over at Danielle and she is hardly breathing. I am staring at her out of the corner of my eye trying to stick close to her. "This woman amazes me, is she smiling too?"
Good grief, my face was all contorted, my breathing was erratic and I thought I was going to barf at any moment.
And I swear she was smiling!
I am going to run a 20 miler next Monday. This will be my one and only 20 miler. I have never ran a marathon without doing at least 2- 20 milers and 1-22 miler.
It will honestly be a miracle. Well, my marathons have always been a miracle. God is my strength in all of them.
At this point I have NO time for any mistakes. Everything has to be very intentional and precise.
  • My diet
  • My stretching, rolling, and icing
  • My runs and workouts.
  • My recovery
Diet: Most people think they should carb load a couple days before the marathon. In fact, you should start a week out. I personally try to maintain more carbs throughout my training for the marathon because I loose weight when I get into high miles. If you have seen me, I look like I need to be admitted for a eating disorder at the peak of my training. I am fortunate. I have had some partners that have Gi issues and cannot eat anything for hours before a run. I on the other hand, can grab a piece of bacon and head out the door. Oatmeal before my run isn't so pretty though!

Stretching, Rolling Icing: Don't think you are so invincible that you can remove these from your training. Get into the habit NOW, and prevent injury. I pick my son up from Cross Country and you always see the kids icing and stretching...

My Runs My Workouts: With like 16 days to go, this is the part of my training that I have to be very intentional. Not a whole lot of fun in this training, being injured is not much fun overall though!

My Recovery: Rest. Put your feet up, take days off. This is the first week in MONTHS that I have actually added up my miles! They are pathetic.
Monday: 18
Wednesday: 5
Thursday: 10
Total: 33
The average days trained for a marathon is 4/5 days. My days are as measly as my miles.
BUT I AM RUNNING! I am greatful for every slow, measly, poodunk mile I have put in!

5 people that Inspire ME:
  1. Michelle B.- I have watched her training and have witnessed so much progress.
  2. Aunt Lo- As she Battles with cancer she hasn't quit. It is so hard when you have no control over your body. When your body attacks you. I am proud of her overcoming her fears and being such a champion.
  3. Jeff B. Old buddy, old pal Jeffrey, I call and check on him ever so often. He is a great encourager and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to running.
  4. Danielle- She came off a terrible hamstring injury over a year ago. She never quit. She gets up at the butt crack of dawn, sometimes doing 2 work outs. My Running partner is a rockstar!
  5. Sarah F.- Speak of injured, Sarah has gone against all the odds, headaches, shin splints, knee problems and all she wants to do is RUN RUN RUN. A girl after my own heart! 
 So Here is my Final thought:
You are what you think you are. I am seeing myself a champion. I am seeing Victory in this. I am also seeing ALOT of pain is going to take place for me to finish my marathon. That's OK. There is always a price to pay for greatness.
It is like I am my own fortune teller.
"Anita, I see a lot of pain in your face. I see sweat, or is that tears dripping down your cheeks? I see you running..And still running...Wow..You are still running and crying and ANITA I think you just peed your pants. I cant figure out what you are running from..Is it Ebola Zombies...I am looking deeply..You are still RUNNING, Good God woman!"




  1. ha i was only smiling b/c i was running w/u;-) you will finish Detroit in true Anita style - w/skill, perserverence, mental determination, & faith. i had a wise, dear friend tell me during my hamstring recovery "You will get there. you get stronger every time we run. you are used to doing more, & you will get there again" ;-). btw - u give me too much credit - it is really only 1 workout, it just gets interrupted for the kids bus schedule lol!

    1. Perception is reality! My reality is you amaze me. Don't cut yourself short! Love you!

  2. You're so nice. YOU inspire ME!!! One race I was really struggling and kept imagining you three steps ahead, turning around to encourage me :)

    1. Really!? Ha that is great, funny the things that we think about that no one knows RUNS through out head. When ever I run races close together I always think about how you do twice as many closer together and that encourages me!