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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Matt'sStory: Badwater


Ultra running is a sport in itself. When I trained last year for my ultra, Hungerford Games,  I welcomed advice from ultra runners. I had to retrain my thinking. The distance trumps the pace. Ultra running is about endurance. You add walk breaks, often walking up the hills, you train with nutrition and excessive water.

I gained a new respect for runners who train for races over 35 miles. I feel like a little kid meeting their super heros. I stand in awe. Being injured this summer really put a wedge in my plans. I loved running that distance.

I have met some great runners who run Ultras. Some of the humblest runners.
Andy was on Facebook a couple weeks ago, creeping "this guys" pictures. The pictures were breathtaking. He  was on a Team to support  a runner doing one of the most epic Ultras, Badwater.
It didn't take long for me to be engaged in all the pictures and all the comments. It was CREEPING at its fullest!

I asked Matt A. to share a little of the experience.
This is what he shared.
Jack Corey worked hard to make his goal of finishing Badwater 135 a reality, preparing for months for the race. He ran miles and miles - most of the latter in layers of clothing to experience the heat of Death Valley. He set up the logistics - the transportation, lodging, food, nourishment for the race, and permits. And he planned a 20 year anniversary trip to the area beforehand for his wife - always thinking about Mary Beth first.

Team Corey
Jack Corey is in Blue, Matt is on the right in white.

Throughout the time we were there, Jack would say, "I'm a midget among Giants". He felt that he wasn't worthy to be among the legends of the running community, runners most of us only read about. But he isn't less than the stars of the racing community. He ran with them, he finished strong, and he enjoyed the experience - smiling from start to finish.
Jack has had a great year of running and I'm lucky enough to enjoy some of his accomplishments. In April, I was able to cheer him as he finished his first 150 mile trail race. During Badwater, I ran with him - along with Derek, Bob, and Ray - as he climbed his way over 6000' to the Mt. Whitney portal and the finish of the Badwater 135. And I cheered from afar as he finished the Burning River 100 not two weeks after that.
Jack is a great friend, husband, father, teacher, runner, and he is one of the Giants.
Thank YOU Matt for sharing your story! Inspiring.

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