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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Do all dogs go to Heaven?? I feel so very very bad.

I have ran this scene through my head a hundred times only it didn't go like this.....

On Facebook I saw the countdown for Ing NYC Marathon was 11 days away. I thought BEFORE seeing this post that I would be running 20 miles. My biggest problem of the day was changing my plan from 20 to 16 miles.

I was in good spirits when I left the house. The cooler temperatures didn't even steal my joy.

I was less than a mile when everything went south.
I know this section of Grange Hall Rd like the back of my hand. I know every house, car and pothole.
But I didn't know the lady a half a mile on the left who drives a Chevy Traverse owned 2 little pugs.
I have ran this strip of road for 10 years and have NEVER seen these little pups.
And now I will NEVER get them out of my mind.

It was 9am and the traffic was at its peak. There is about a 2 foot shoulder as you run down the road and the cars can get very close.
Minding my own business I was calculating my run. As I tried to figure out how far I was going to run and how fast I saw a older lady bringing her garbage bins in. I hardly noticed her as much as I noticed her little dogs coming after me. Normally I am very skittish however my initial instinct was THE TRAFFIC!
It all happened so fast as these 2 little pugs came yelping and barking after me. I had nowhere to run but forward because the traffic was so bad. One of the little dogs came around my legs while the other little guy ran around me yapping right into the road.
I heard tires squeak as I turned around horrified. Traffic had come to a STOP. Here lay this little dog in the middle of the road yelping with its tongue hanging out of it mouth. He laid there unable to move on its side looking right at his owner. I just screamed "OH NO, NO NO.." The man who hit him came out of his car followed by a young lady crossing the street. The owner was in hysterics. "My Baby, My Baby." she cried.
I was overcome with tears for this poor lady. She was holding her dog in her arms as it slipped into darkness. I thought he was still alive as I said "Is he OK?"
Sobbing holding this little pug in her arms she mumbles "He is gone, My baby is gone."
The young lady was there consoling her as she asked me to check on her car. I responded offering to drive it over and into the driveway. I felt so bad I just need to breathe for a second. She was grateful as she continued to comfort the older woman.
By the time I drove up and got out of her car the dog was laying lifeless on the back porch. The older  lady with tears streaming down her cheeks repeatedly cried "I should never have let them out, I should never have let them out, I knew better."
I wrapped my arms around her crying alongside, I whispered to her "It was an accident, I am so sorry."
The young lady was so gentle as she added "Please do not blame yourself, Do you have someone that can come over?"
About that time the other pug walked over to the one that was gone and sniffed it and walked around it."  That was incredibly sad. The older woman noticed and started wailing, "He knows his brother is gone, His brother is gone."
It was almost to much to take.
The poor man just stood there with a look of terror. He had no idea how to react. The only words I heard him speak were "I am sorry, I just have to get to work."
He was kind enough and felt bad but he was very uncomfortable.
I could hardly look at this poor lady as she sobbed and sobbed. It broke my heart.
We stayed with her a few more minutes trying to comfort her.
The young lady and I hugged her again. The older lady sweetly said "Thank you, Bless you."
As I walked down the driveway the younger lady offered me a ride home.
"No thanks, I need to run."

I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I ran as fast as I could to try to get away. I couldn't get the images out of my mind. The little old lady, The dog crying in the road. It all happened so fast. I reviewed it several times trying to figure out if I could have prevented it.
All I could do was RUN. And pray for this poor woman.

I ran entirely to fast. I just didn't know what else to do.
I have dogs come out after me often. I know where they live. I have played this scene in my mind:I have often thought how these dogs come after me and try to bite me. As they rush out to attack me they get hit by a car.
 I am so sad to say I have thought about this. It is often with that stupid Rottweiler down Fagan Rd. or that Pit Bull down E.Holly Rd. or those 3 German shepherd's on Dixie Hwy.
But never like this. I feel so bad for ever even thinking such things.
The crazy thing is I had 3 different houses with dogs come out after me today. It felt like they were coming to avenge that little doggies life.

As I finished my 16 mile run I stopped my watch and was shocked to see my time.


Do all Dogs go to Heaven:(



  1. That just made me sick to my stomach... my biggest fear of witnessing ... I have dogs run out to me & I have seen a car coming down the road & I have jumped in front of it to make them slow down so they wouldn't hit the dog...
    Oh - that poor lady loosing her fur baby :( Heart breaking

    1. If it made you sick to your stomach I am sure you can understand how terrible it was. One of the worst things I have ever had happen to me while running. My heart just breaks for the little woman.

  2. I'm so sorry this happened. But that's how accidents are. Totally random. I feel sorry for everyone involved - especially the guy who hit him. Even if something is not your fault, you can't stop that sick-guilt feeling. I hit a cat once... 30 years ago! And I still feel sick when I think about it. And I don't even like cats!
    Wow, good or bad, you sure have a lot more eventful runs than I have!

    1. so funny that you say this about my eventful runs. Because my husband says the same thing. When we go running together he says it is like crazy stuff just makes its way into my path for me to right about. There have been a lot of events that I have not written about that my husband will say, "Nita, I swear you find stuff to write about.' I believe we all have goofy things happen to us it is just how it is expressed. I have had some eventful runs though.
      The doggy incident was a rough one. Not one you want to right about. Very sad.