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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Detroit Freepress Talmer Bank Marathon; Facts and Tips

We are just a few days out from the Detroit Free Press Marathon. I thought it would be fun to share some little facts and tips.

  1. Because of the tunnel it has the only official underwater international mile in the world.
  2. Aside from the marathon there is also a half-marathon, a relay and a 5 km fun run.
  3. This will mark the 36th year, The Marathon originally started in Windsor and finished in Detroit.
  4. The race is a USATF-certified, Boston-qualifier course.

You can Track runners 2 different ways as shown here. Click on "here".

Here is My BIB NUMBER: 19156
Andys BIB NUMBER: 19155
5 TIPS FOR RUNNING THE Marathon/Half Marathon
  1. Most of the time blisters can be prevented by a good pair of RUNNING SOCKS. This is a little treat I purchase for myself at the runner expo.
  2. Prevent bloody nipples with Band-Aids (Men) I have seen men look like they just got piercings- their shirts are soaked in blood from the friction of nipples and sweaty shirts. OUCH!
  3. Don't try new stuff before a race such as Chomps, gels or shoes.
  4. The mornings are chilly for the Detroit. If you get cold before races wear something that you can ditch without grieving over.
  5. Get up Early! Take the time to relax and eat breakfast. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the start.
  6. When going over the bridge take a minute to enjoy the scenery. The bridge is usually breathtaking with the sun coming up.
  7. When going through the tunnel..RELAX. Scream in the tunnel, I do, it is so FUN to hear the echo's. There is a timing mat to record your underground mile. SMILE and get ready for the crowd waiting for you on the other side!
  8. Inexpensive gloves or arm bands are great with the cold morning. It can be as cold as 40 degrees on the morning of the races. They sell gloves for 5$ at the expo that you can ditch once you warm up on the course.
  9. If you begin to get fatigued take some walk breaks. Don't be discouraged. Walk through the water stations or go to intervals. You will be surprised how good you finish just being patient with your body.
  10. HAVE FUN! Races are fun to run fast and have goals but don't get so hung up on them that you forget to enjoy the scenery and all the people. Because there are some FUN people!  
My greatest tip is to ENCOURAGE as many runners as I can on the course. I find this the best way to fuel myself.
The Rundown:
Today I went to Genesys. The gym wasn't very busy. After finding out that no one returned my key faub I headed to the locker room to put my stuff away. Because it was raining I thought the track would be a great place to run and take it easy. Before I even started running I saw the hanging bag there looking all lonely. I brought my right leg up and twisting my hips. I threw my leg up and kicked the bag with all my strength. SNAP! I LOVE that sound. The leather smacked my shin as I brought my leg up again and again hitting the bag while feeling the air release from my lungs. "Through the bag ANITA." I switched legs. It felt so good but I knew I had better hit the track before I did some damage. After all I came out to the track to keep myself safe!
4 miles easy.
Fastest mile 7:11
Cold Plunge...But felt like Hell!
Do we Have ANY Runners going out to Detroit this Weekend??


  1. I'm running the half! I hope to see you there!

    1. Hi Rachael, What Corral are you in? I hope to see you!!

  2. Good luck!! I hope to meet you, but you'll probably be in corral B and i'll be in J or K haha