"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, February 6, 2017

Snow, Slick and Suck.

I'm reaching my threshold.  I am almost at maximum tolerance for winter.

  • I am over layers upon layers of clothing.
  • Depressed about constant dry itchy skin that stays lubricated, unnoticed.
  • I am now the palest Mexican you have ever seen.
  • My dog is getting chubby from lack of exercise.
  • Spring clothes are coming out but I can't wear them for weeks so why bother shopping or looking.
On a good note,
  • February is only 28 days!
  • I have tried some wonderful new teas this winter.
  • February is broke up by Ground Hogs day, Paczki Day and Valentines Day.
  • And we booked at cruise!

But in the meantime, back in Holly, Michigan, I am still running in freezing cold temps, slip sliding everywhere, dressed like a chubby bunny in multi layers, and whining continuously.
My poor nose is raw, my ankle is jacked from running in Kahtoolas in crunchy snow and I haven't shaved my legs in 2 days because it doesn't even matter!
OOPS..I'm whining again. Sorry.



Lacey and I follow a intermediate training plan for our marathon training program. This is like my 12th marathon, could be my 13, I don't know. But I really don't follow anything but whatever Lacey says to do on Sundays.
My favorite plan to follow is the one that I don't get injured!
Lacey and I had made our weekend plans weeks ago. We decided to go to church Saturday night and run Sunday morning.
Only one thing we didn't plan. Pizza Guy joining us. It was a last minute add-on. Lacey wanted to change up our running location and Pizza Guy found out we were running by his house near the Polly Ann Trail.
He texted me asking why I didn't invite him. In my defense, I thought he worked, and he did but not until 1pm.
Ok, one more thing I didn't plan. In my little pea brain head, I thought we were running on paved, cleared trails. OH NO, not the case. Pizza Guy had his Kahtoolas on. The trail had about 4 inches of distorted snow. The snow was trampled on, some fluffy, some hard but all of it made me want to redirect our route... to Florida!
"14 miles in this..." No one was complaining, I had to just suck it up. I keep my Kahtoolas in my truck. I clumsily slipped them on.
Lacey felt really comfortable meeting Pizza Guy  for the first time as she jumped off the trail for a little girl break.
I secretly laughed about this for several miles. In the time I have ran with Pizza Guy, I NEVER squatted. Not to say that I didn't pee may pants though...Only because I was holding it!


Polly Ann Trail.
Distance: 14 miles
This run was not our traditional 9min/mi. It was actually more like a 10min/mi. This was a tough run. I was actually really happy our pace was what it was. It felt like we were going a lot slower. We hit a couple dirt roads. The back roads felt like pure love to my legs and my feet as we were able to pick up the pace effortlessly.

I thought it was going to be warmer than 18' when I met Danielle at 8:05 this morning. We met in the middle, Linden, Clover Beach. For our standard 8 miler.
I was a bit beat up from Sundays run. I knew once I got moving I would be fine. Danielle is so sweet. She is a running rockstar these days. But a very gracious one. She is very kind to my broken body on Mondays. It has become a recovery run.
Like Sunday, I let Danielle pick our route. Danielle is really good at numbers and routes.

We began running on Whittaker Rd.  I was NO where NEAR warmed up when we started heading up the half mile hill, know as The Widowmaker, .66 to be exact, I may have measured it.
That first hill is less than a mile into our run, stupid hill just about put my aching booty out of commission. The snowy runs have brought my Periformis issue out of hiding.
Danielle picked every subdivision off Whittaker Rd and I think we ran every road in them to stay off the icy back roads.
It was so nice. Not to mention she picked a perfect 8 mile route. She really is good at the whole routing thing.
We finished running with a bright blue sky and warmer temps. It was so nice. I didn't want to let her go. I talked her into walking around the beach to "Cool Down". It was nice to chat and have breath.
Pace: 8:50
As we headed to our cars all I could think about was Tim Hortons COFFEE.

Took this selfie for Andy to make him Jealous,totally forgot to send it to him..BA HA

Such a good afternoon. I made soup for my husbands Maw Maw. I took it over to her and visited with her. "Cali" LOVES me. She hopped on my lap and wouldn't get down. I could feel her purring. I secretly like cats. SHHH.

Reminders to take time to visit loved ones. Your presence is the best Present.


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