"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Laughter, good Medicine

          "Even in laughter the heart may be in pain, And the end of joy may be grief." Proverbs 14:13

Andy was still home while I was getting ready to run. Usually, I am home alone, but now I had to hear him jawing with me.
"NITA, I forbid you to run..." Andy said trying to be all dominating.
I just do my typical head tilt and giggle.
"REALLY ANDY, your so funny."
"NO Seriously, you are just getting over being sick, you are not running outside today." Andy says without a facial movement.
I laugh louder as I am slipping my 2nd layer on.
Its cute that after 21 years of marriage he still thinks this bullying tactic is going to work. I grew up with a single mom in a trailer park, bullying me is not effective. It makes me giggle.
Andy knows this. I think he just acts this out every once in a while to see if I have changed. NOPE, I am the same feisty, stubborn gal he has known since we were 15. Just a little more polished.

I still had some residual effects from being so sick yesterday but it was nothing a couple Tylenol and a strong cup of coffee couldn't cure.
The best cure at this point was for me to get out, enjoy the sun, laughter with the girls and RUN the trails.

We met at Holdridge. We had the location down, only we didn't know which trail we wanted to run.
Still uncertain we ended up on the West Loop.
The West loop is only about 4 miles. If you add the Tech loop you can make it 5 miles. This loop is not as technical as the East Loop and it is really much prettier in my opinion.
It is a fun loop, we decided to do it twice and add the Turtle loop.
Between all these loops we ended up with about 11miles.
The ruts were pretty nasty in several areas. The Technical loop was the smoothest and most fun. The trail had a lot of VERY large trees down. When I was a kid my mom always called me a monkey. I see these massive trees down and I want to climb them.
I haven't seen 10 years old in over 33 years but I am a 10 year old at heart. I took off my gloves, dropped my water bottle and I scurried up the tree until I realized how high I was, then I scooted the rest of the way. I wanted to go farther but I didn't think the girls were going to catch me if I fell.
Apparently I didn't take off my gloves according to this picture..I swear I did. Airhead Anita moment #236

The tree climbing was just the beginning. We found the lake and somehow ended up tip toeing on creaking ice towards its center. Again, I found a tree stretched way out in the water. I grabbed a hold of it like it was going to save me if I fell in. I made it about 30 feet out. Kris and I giddy with adrenaline, plopped on the ice and made snow angels.

Todays run, wasn't our fastest, it wasn't our hardest, but it was one of our funniest.

At one point, I shared a massive burden with them. Even through my joy, my laughter, my giggling, my heart still pains. The girls stopped our run, circled me, all holding one another, they prayed over me.
The earth went still. Not even a breeze whispered. Not a branch snapped or a leaf dropped. There was no bird that flew over head, the clouds didn't even move. The sun shone directly  over us keeping us oddly warm. The air that surrounded us was even pleasant. It was the "Peace that passes all understanding." We felt His Love.

Running with these girls is so fun. It might not be a training run I should be running, but it is a run I love, one that I am not willing to trade for Yasso 800's or a tempo run.
Someone left us a little love in the parking lot....Secret admirer?

I left this run smiling for hours...but there was still pain.
I had a funeral this afternoon. One of the ladies I do youth group with. 61 years old. High energy, healthy and full of life and smiles. She had 3 children, 2 of them I was their leader at church.
So sad.
She is in a beautiful place. I have peace knowing she is in Heaven. I am blessed to know her. Such an amazing lady.

Distance: 11 miles

          "Even in laughter the heart may be in pain, And the end of joy may be grief."         
Remember, whatever you are going through, Find joy. It doesn't discount your hurt, your pain, it just helps you manage it and it not manage you.

Finishing my night with Tea Time. A friend of mine gave me this Wild Sweet Orange, Tazo. I have enjoyed them so much I bought a box. Perfect tea to end a good day.


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