"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, January 9, 2017

You are worth it!

Due to frigid temps my run this morning with Danielle got postponed. I entertained the idea of running at GAC.
Ken and Matt were meeting earlier than normal at Holly rec. I wanted to join them but they were only doing 1 loop. It takes me that long to just get all my layers on.
"Running in the cold is good TRAINING...." I could hear Ken in my ears.

I decided I would just meet them at Holly Rec and surprise them.

We headed down the trail all chatty like we had not seen each other in weeks.
The trail was mostly frozen leaves and very hard ground covering. Even though the temperature
was barely double digits, my multiple layers were doing the trick. I warmed up quick.
Seriously, 2 pairs of running pants, 1 long sports bra, 2 running shirts, 1 vest, 1 coat, 2 buffs, a hat and Kens super warm gloves.
I looked like the good year blimp, but I sure was warm!

We made it through the 6 mile loop pretty easy. But I wanted MORE. Ken is a sucker. Matt was willing to do another 6 mile loop.
I really wanted to see the other side, the Lakeshore loop. It was so gloomy out, I wanted to see something pretty. That is one of the reasons I run. I wanted to drool on the path in adoration of the landscape  around me.
"I am going to run Lakeshore...Come on ...Run it with me..." I whined. I barely had to finish my sentence. They were both in!

It was everything I expected. There were so many lakes, all covered with a crisp sheet of white. The lakes looked like someone had spread frosting evenly over it. I really wanted to hike it, explore it and search through it.  I wanted to take my time and just breath it all in. I think the next time we run out there, afterwards I may do that.
The trail and the woods look so unfamiliar without any greenery. I saw trees and landmarks I had never seen before.

We finished up with about 9 miles.
This made me happy.
Glass City:
14 weeks away.
I stopped over Laceys house to check on her. We were going to run this afternoon but I totally forgot I had a work meeting!
She was just finishing up her run. Lacey made me a cup of coffee and we talked about out training plans. She picked a half marathon for us to do as a training run. Lacey also reminded me what our training was going to look like over the next several weeks.

We both take our training very serious. It is great to have accountability.
A few things we take serious:
  • Our diets
  • Our miles
  • Our training runs, we are married to our watches.
  • Our plan, preparing for race, lodging, work schedule, driving ect..Details of race
What I Don't take serious:
  • Other peoples plan.
  • I don't look at others peoples training, I am not competitive that way. You DO YOU Boo.
I know my goal, my plan, my training and where I have got to go. I put the work in for ME.
It is so important to stay in your own lane. Some will be faster than you and some will be slower than you, but it is important to be happy with YOURSELF. Run your own RACE.

Work hard for you.
Sacrifice for you.
Be committed for you.
Discipline your body and mind for you.
Because baby, YOU are Worth it.

Bison and black bean Enchiladas.
Cilantro and avocado salad.


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