"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sucking Air

Cross train, cross train, cross train..This seems to be the conversation everywhere I go.

I typically run less in the winter months, hitting the gym and "Cross training". It is nothing to write in the books about and really isn't blog worthy.

10 reasons I change it up:
  1. I am getting burnt out on running, running and running.
  2. I hate running in the cold. And I am cold at sub 60' degrees.
  3. I love my membership at Genesys Athletic Club. I feel like a princess.
  4. I am more disciplined at recovering my body from a tough work out due to all the equipment at my disposal. (stretching machine, cold plunge, hot tub, sauna..very therapeutic!)
  5. I like people watching, so many people at the gym!
  6. I learn different workouts and different machines.
  7. I can change my running up more, make it fun and still sweat without being cold.
  8. I can take classes, like spin, that I HATE.
  9. I feel stronger, like I am making a difference to help my running.
  10. I can make goals and see results easier when working out alone.
    Abs, squats, lunges and a BIG WHOPPING 2.25 mile bike ride!!
I went to the gym a couple weeks ago. It was more of a recovery from Cloudsplitter. But when I walked in it all came back to me. It was love. "Reunited and it feels so good."

Just trying to squeeze it in:
My day was planned perfectly. My morning started with picking up my favorite 92 year old and taking her to breakfast. The Green Apple. Her favorite place. They all know us, they really know her.
2 eggs over medium, bacon, hash browns and dry whole wheat. I stepped out of the box and ate bacon and hash browns. To be honest, I haven't put my weight back on yet and it is really getting me frustrated. My running partners told me I needed to eat a hamburger this week, I pulled my favorite jeans off my hips without unsnapping them and I look at my self in the mirror and quickly turn my own head. SO I ATE..most of it anyway.
What do you do with your maw maw after breakfast? You go to KMART!
We had a fun morning.

I hit the expressway doing 80 to get to the gym. I had less than 2 hours before my new washing machine was going to be delivered.

Track Attack
I didn't have a complete plan on how many miles I wanted to run or how fast. I just knew I had to beat the clock. I also knew I didn't want to spend my whole time just RUNNING. I could do that at home.
My New Balance hit the track running at 12:02.
I took off by feel. It felt great.
No hills, no switchbacks, no stumps, rocks, or roots. I know, Blasphemy.
It didn't take long before I was unzipping my jacket and throwing it with a BANG into a cubby trying not to miss a beat.
There was something magical that was going through my body. My heart was pounding, sweat was beading, and my legs were turning over faster than they had in weeks.
People were trying to catch my eye, wondering how long I was going to keep running at that pace. I too wondered how long I was going to be able to keep my pace. The pace was not signifigantly fast, but fast enough to blow my bangs back and continue to pass people, even though they were just walking!
By mile three, I was still strong and pain free, my breathing was smooth, my legs were light so I decided 7 miles would be my magic number.
A number I knew I was going to have to work for if I wanted to maintain the pace I was at. It wasn't going to come easy but "Easy" wasn't on todays memo.
Today, I wanted to run faster, I wanted to try and push myself into a air shortage and lung burn.
By mile 4, I chuckled thinking this pace used to be an easy run and now I wanted to figure out how I could cheat this run.
I started counting my laps ran, then the laps I needed to run. I looked at the clock, counting the minutes left. I realized I had picked up the pace. This could hurt me. It was starting to hurt me.
"Don't QUIT Nita." The infamous conversations to myself.
2 miles to go, 8 laps, less than 17 minutes.
"Pick it up ANITA, your not a quitter, its all in your head, your MIND controls your legs."
Nothing hurt, just my pride as I sucked air on a run that was once a no brainer.
This only reminded me that I was CAPABLE. I just wasn't used to the lungs burning feeling.
I took another deep breath, relaxed my body, checked my posture, and picked up my feet gently but briskly turning them over. It hurt so good.
I came to the clock only to see that I had shaved a couple more seconds off. It may have only been a second but each lap on that last 2 miles got faster.
I knew I could hold it, I knew I could even pick it up.
So I did. The last lap I buckled down and drove it in finishing it in 1 minute 41 seconds.
My beginning 12-15 laps I stayed very consistent at 2minutes. At nearly ¼ mile, this track is the largest indoor track in Michigan and has an overhead timer so you can keep your time or set your pace.

"I can't go ON, I'll go on. Samuel Beckett
It hurt. The pain was quickly forgotten when I reached my goal. I picked a realistic goal, one that would take effort, hurt a little and let me know I have something to work for.
Sucking Air isn't a bad thing. Some of you need to start sucking air again.
Set some new goals.
Change it up.
Get those Abs back.
No more DONUTS.
Step away from the Cheezits and beer.

Remember, don't quit when you FEEL done, Quit when you are DONE.

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