"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Patiently recovering.

Just when I think that my body is slowly recovering, random damaged body parts bare their ugly heads.
Sunday night, my toenail fell off. I didn't even know it was damaged and dangling!
Monday night after possibly soaking too long in the tub, I discovered a massive blister. It was 2 inches long and thick. I am sure the Lavender Epson salt and 45 minutes soaking helped it along.
Then today, I was walking into Pier One and the bottom of my right foot started aching.

I did really good with my recovery, I thought. But I have these random aches and pains. One day my right knee will hurt then the next day my left knee will hurt...and nothing while I am running.

And running..I am pathetic.
Monday I ran with Matt and his wife Paula. Paula was hauling butt on the trails. I was sucking air trying to keep up.
I bowed out after 8 miles when I had originally planned on doing 12.

Today, I was excited to run with Lacey. I ran solo to her house and thought I was dying at a 9 minute pace. Granted it is all hills the 2miles to her house but I thought I was going much faster by the sound of my heavy breathing.
I am sure this will be the last day that we got to  run in shorts and tanks. This time last year it had already snowed.
The leaves are in peak here in Michigan. A couple friends of mine posted pictures of Sorenson park. "Lacey, can we run at Sorenson?" I battered my eyes.
She didn't answer right away....
"The leaves are changing and...." I presented my thoughts.
It wasn't long and we were entering the park.

SORENSON. Sorenson was nice, put not as pretty as Holly Rec on Monday. Talking and running with Lacey was a lot of effort. And honestly I wanted to talk with her more. I found myself walking up hills that I normally run. I even stopped more frequently to take pictures that turned out to be just mediocre at best.
We discussed our plans for 2017.

2017 Plans
Looks like we are going to try and find a fast marathon and work on getting Lacey to Boston. I am hoping to qualify as well. Then she has to run a late spring early/summer 50K with me!!
And somewhere in there I need to convince Andy I want to go back to Boston for 2018!
We are looking at Glass City Marathon in Ohio in April.
Now I need to find a spring ultra.

We came out of Sorenson and separated ways.

I was a bit discouraged with my body. Its been almost 3 weeks. I know I need to be patient. I just feel like weak sauce.

I have 1more race in the books for this year. Clarkston Backroads.
I love running this for one reason: JOAN. It has become our tradition since Ariel passed. Joan was one of Ariel's sorority sisters. Running with Joan has become very special to me. Joan is gonna kick my BUTT this year! But I cant wait.

This and that.
I am still having toosh issues. Claudia loaned me her yoga ball. It looks innocent enough. Sheba thinks it is a toy every time I get it out to roll my bootie over it. It is more like a torture device.
I am hoping that my body will forgive me so I can get running again.

Andy sent me a link at work on Tuesday for Lighthouse 100. Still recovering I have to admit, I have been doing some investigating. Ken and Matt have this plan that they have yet to share fully with me, something about a 100M race....
Austin and I were sending pics back and forth. "Mom, I did a good deed today, I gave blood." My good deed is cleaning my maw maws house with Mom every other week. I love seeing my husbands 92 year old maw maw.
What good deeds are you doing?


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