"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, March 7, 2016

Up to Speed

I read a GREAT article last week on recovery weeks. I not only read it, I applied it.
I brought my miles down by a 22%, running 37 miles.  I also brought my crunches and belly exercises down. That was mainly because I forgot to do them. I only did 300 crunches for the week.

Februarys month miles looked like this:  
Total Miles: 203.66
Over 2500 crunches. Results are showing. "It works, if you work it!"
One Race; Leap Year 4 miler

Bringing you up to speed!
I was looking forward to my run with Lacey. The weather all week said it was going to be in the 50's. I had my outfit picked out for the whole week. You get so bored with the same old clothes. It is exciting to put something fresh on. Capris and a bright colored shirt.
We were so disappointed.
It was 35'! I picked through my drab winter wardrobe with anger. Layers, gloves, hats, I was grumbling the whole time. I felt like Mother Nature was a liar and I believed her!

Sunday was a 18 miler.
The plan: Run to Laceys.2.3 miles.  Drive to Indian Springs and run the path 2 times.
Try to maintain a pace between 9-9:15.
Mother Nature might have played a cruel joke on us but my body was not complaining.
Lacey and I had to keep tabs on each other. Our pace kept creeping up. I was sharing a intense story and I heard Lacey "ANITA, SLOW those Emotions DOWN!" Running my mouth, my legs followed at a 8:20 pace.
It wasn't just me though.
Every time I called Lacey out she had a very GOOD EXCUSE!
  • "I gotta pee, I was hurrying up to get to the bathroom"
  • "I was gaining momentum to get up that hill."
  • "I know, I just feel so good!"
  • "We were coming down that hill, I was still at that pace."
  • "I saw that guy up there, It is like he has a TARGET on his back!"
Indian Springs was packed with bikers. They were the friendliest, everyone of them were laughing and cutting up with us.  They were riding the loops multiple times. On our 2 loop, they yelled "WOOT! SECOND LOOP! NICE!!"
We were laughing and joking back and forth, we again found our pace at 8:20min/m!
So it was no surprise our 16 mile run was a 8:58 min/m.

My Second LONG RUN is always a BIG ?.
I woke up and felt amazing. I actually slept equally as good. Getting adequate sleep is huge on these long run days. Melatonin has become my best friend.

My Monday was a hot mess. Over 2 hours at Belle Tire and almost 200$ later for a huge screw in my tire.
My morning run was sabotaged by Monday Morning mishaps.
I didn't even get to start my run until 3:45.
Andy kept running his unexperienced mouth. "YOUR crazy, Look at these road, there is NO way you are going to be able to run.
He actually had to drive me to the trails. He needed my truck. He was going to drop me off and come back when I called him. The WHOLE way he wouldn't stop giving me his wise words of defeat.
"Hey, Since when did YOU know so much about what the trails would look like?"
YEAH, I HATE eating my words with ANDY. He is MR. No it All and it sucks when he is RIGHT!
Andy dropped me off at Grange Hall and Holdridge rd and I ran from there.
10 MILES of HILL repeats.
The Holly XC team passed me, that was humbling. I tried to quickly make myself look like a rock star but when I saw them, I knew I looked more like a "TRY HARD"!
The Backroads were muddy but stunning. The sun danced off the snow making the trees sparkle. The ice and snow was cut out in the lakes by the current and streams flowing into them. It was so pretty I had to stop. Plus I was so hot I had to remove my jacket. Running in atank top was HEAVENLY. The warm sun was delightful to feel. Even in my painful hill repeats I was smiling inside.

The last couple days my 28 miles really went were great. I could have actually ran a couple more today but I was out of time.


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