"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, March 21, 2016

37 miles and 2 days

How do you run Back to back long runs? What makes it possible?
  1. Raising Teenagers. I DON'T drink. I RUN. If I drank like I run, I wouldn't be leading an addiction program, I would be going to one. This has been a REALLY rough week. My oldest son, who is brilliant, 3.8 GPA, Varsity Basketball but the driving skills of a squirrel. He hit a school bus on Wednesday, totaling his car. This is the second vehicle he has totaled in 6 months. I can finally talk about it without crying. I even chuckle a little bit. Of course when I get the letter that our insurance has been cancelled I will start crying again.
  2. Get good running partners to hold you accountable. Sunday, I ran 21 miles. Lacey ran 14.5 miles with me. Today, I ran with Claudia. It was her last long run before her race, 16 miles at Indian Springs.
  3. Run Smart. Sunday, I was struggling with a sore hamstring. My first mile was slow but Lacey was very kind, laughing she said "Yeah, I noticed, but that's OK, we need to run smart, I have an injury and you have another long run tomorrow."
  4. Run Intentional. I don't just look at each run as an individual run. They all make up my training. So to get the most from all my runs I need to run each one preparing for the next. Today was my second long run, 16 miles. Claudia and I ran 9:20 min/mi but took walk breaks every mile. I don't normally do this, however being it was my second long run and I have a sore hamstring this was good for my legs. I need my hamstring to heal so I can have a stronger faster run Wednesday.
  5. Run with MUSIC. One of my favorite running partners is my Ipod. After dropping Lacey off at her car on Sunday, I still had 3.5 miles home. I was tired, sore and ready to be done. As I was saying "Good Bye" to Lacey I was putting my ear buds in my ears to the beat of "Chainsmokers". The beat instantly put a smile across my face and a pep in my step. I hollered with enthusiasm at Lacey as I danced back onto the road. I found my second wind.
  6. Stretch and Roll Baby! It hurts so good. In the evening I stretch, roll for the second time and do my abs. I usually take a Epson Salt bath with Lavender to relax. It is soothing.
  7. Garbage in Garbage out. EAT right. Take in extra calories, protein, water, fruits and vegetables. I do a protein shake, Juice Plus and  Green Tea to release the toxins. Don't think of your long run as an invitation to eat anything you like. Yes, you can eat more, but still think of your food as healing, a means of recovery.
So Many Deer this morning at Indian Springs. They were not shy.

I need to pick a spring Ultra. I am thinking a 50K. That is on my agenda for Wednesday. Race Hunting.
Check back in and see what I find.



  1. Awesome!! You're going to finish the Martian full before I finish the half... :(

    1. JUST FINISH!!! I am so happy you are able to run. You could have thrown in the towel, but you didn't!

    2. Zero miles in a month. In denial...