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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pot O Gold Review 2016

When you are training for a LONG distance race and sign up for a 4 mile race, don't be surprised by the results.

POT O GOLD 4 Mile Race,
March 17th, Flint Mi.
Evening Race, Flat course, runs through the University of Michigan and the cultural district of Flint, finishing downtown.

The proceeds go to The Crim Foundation
Sponsored by Complete Runner

I have done this race 6 times. Andy was showing me my Time Hop on Facebook. It was fun to look at all my running partners, crazy outfits and different weather scenes I with.

I ran an easy 8 that morning with Rachel and Erin at Indian Springs.

This year, I traveled with Lacey and Melissa. The two of them would be running together, leaving me in misery alone. I took it easy in the morning and tried to rest my legs in the afternoon. But I knew IT WAS GOING TO HURT and I wasn't prepared for the pace I ran last year. I reminded myself I didn't do the work to get the results I got last year, so LET IT GO and have a respectable and FUN race.

After parking my truck, I was thrilled to see one of my CC athletes stretching with her father. I chatted with them for only a minute because Lacey and Melissa were running to register. The start was in 15 minutes.

We were in and out in 5 minutes. You register in the Masonic Temple. The lines were short and the process was fast. In all my times running this race, I have NEVER gotten a SMALL shirt. They always run out. I smiled, took my XL shirt and we rushed back to the truck to put on our bibs, drops off our stuff and figure out where we could hide to pee. The line was crazy long, they only have 2 bathrooms, but lots of bushes in the parking lot!

I believe they started the race a couple minutes late, they had to of, for as much as we did, they still hadn't started the race by the time we got in the corral.

We started in the middle. I wanted to start in the back. I am so glad I didn't because I forgot it was a gun start! I never even realized it (even though I knew it from previous years) until I couldn't figure out why my Garmin was not matching their results at the end of the race.

The temperatures  were perfect at 45' and sunny. The winds, "Jenkies"! I thought I was going to go up with ToTo several times.
This race is always windy.

The First Mile is uphill. But it is also downhill, what goes up must come down.
Mile 1: 7:34

The Second Mile, I was pacing behind two guys. I saw a gal I knew, Robin H. and said "HI" to her as I slowly passed her. She is a local race girl, I see at more than half the races I run.
They had water stations as the Campus but I passed them up.
Mile 2: 7:37

The Third Mile the guys slowed way down and I wasn't paying attention. I looked at my watch and knew I had to pick it up. About 200 feet away I could see Michelle running. I caught up to Michelle just a little bit before the 3rd mile marker.
Mile 3: 7:54

The Fourth Mile, I asked Michelle "How are you feeling?"  Smiling she responded "GOOD!" I had a feeling she was going to say that. I just don't think she was prepared for what I was going to say back. "Well, then you need to PICK IT UP, this isn't the mile you should feel GOOD!"
And we slowly picked it up. I stayed next to her. My legs were sore and I was tired. I felt my morning run and even more I felt Wednesdays strides and hills on my hamstrings. I was grateful for the flatness of the route but I remembered the last half mile was uphill and very windy.
I coached Michelle on, encouraging her and reminding her to finish strong. She was out of breath but holding a great pace. "Michelle, Just MAINTAIN." I told her. I shared with her the hill was coming up, trying to keep her at a sub 8min/mi.
It was more than just a hill, the wind just about knocked us both backwards. "Look at the tops of the hill, at the second light."
In what seemed forever we reached the top. I knew she was strong enough to pick it up and move ahead of me. I believe I could have stayed with her but I think it is really cool to make it to the FINISH Line before your coach.
"Michelle, we are going to make this turn, then you will see the Finish Line 2 lights down. Slowly pick it up before the first set of lights." I coached her. I added "Meet me at the Finish LINE."

The Finish is DOWNHILL! We both picked it up but I barked at her from behind. "GOOO Michelle, NOW!" I wanted to go faster but I felt my Hamstring screaming at me. I finished about 10 second behind Michelle. It was the perfect finish between her big smile and the volunteers putting my  medal on.

Curtis who runs Complete Runner is always right at the Finish on his Bike. He is very organized and active in making this race successful. He has photographers and videographers capturing every moment.

I waited for Melissa and Lacey to cross the Finish Line, they were about 10 minutes behind me. After laughing, doing some Irish dancing with Robin H. and taking pictures we headed into the Masonic Temple for our results.

I love races that have the mini computers you can put your bib number in and instantly see your results. Our bibs also had the sku that we could use our smart phones to retrieve our results instantly as well.
The process was so easy. I was 2nd in my AG. By the time I got my winning mug Lacey and Melissa had already made it though the food line!

They have about 6 tables with pizza, apples, bananas, chips, water and beer.

It was NOT a PR. I was very confused after looking at my Garmin and seeing my race results. They were about 50 seconds different. It took a hot Epson salt bath at 10pm to remember it was a gun start finish.


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