"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, September 3, 2017


"It is a sublime thing to suffer and be stronger."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

There are 5 Love Languages: Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Physical Touch and Gifts.
I have mentioned before that I am split almost perfectly across the board. (Here is the Link to discover what your love language is. Love Language Quiz.)

When it comes to gifts this past week I have been so blessed. Every day I have gone to work, I have had clients bring me in gifts, From a sweetheart bracelet, to garden veggies, cookies and this incredible sentiment bag.
My client Amy, brought me in this gift bag with individual goodies that represented posts that I have blogged. I always joke about how "NO ONE reads this nonsense..." But Amy, wanted me to know she does. This was seriously one of the most special gifts I have received. These were treats for Hennipen. Thank YOU AMY.

At the bottom of todays post, I am going to post a little contest. In honor of Amy.

Sunday Runday.
Running trails or even back roads are NOT like training for Hennipen. Hennipen is going to be flat as a pancake, like Paint Creek Trail or the Polly Ann Trail.

Lacey was along for the ride today, letting me pick the location. We ended up in Lk Orion on the Paint Creek trail for a 20 mile run.
Off the trail unto another trail for a squat in the woods...

"Walk Breaks let you control the amount of fatigue on your legs and body."
Jeff Galloway

The weather was perfect, 62'.
I LOVE this trail. It is gorgeous. The river runs along side of you. As the sun came out, it slowly heated up. However, we were tucked away underneath a canopy of trees. A gentle breeze chased us our entire run making our run much more enjoyable then running in the baking sun.

The last time I ran this trail, Lacey and I were training for Glass City. It was a 20 miler in the spring. We ran in slush, ice, mud and I was MISERABLE. A whiny baby. We were running harder than we ran today. Lacey was very patient with me in the spring.

Funny how things turn. Today, Lacey was riding the struggle bus. She was not feeling good.

We actually had a lot of fun the first 15 miles.
The trail was tight with runners and bikers. Everyone was so friendly. We saw a group of bikers who cheered us on and several people smiling and greeting us.

It takes about 9 miles to get to the Clinton River trail. The two trails connect.
Even the river was being used by kayakers and people fishing or just enjoying the park.

Our way back the temps did warm up. Lacey and I giggled at the fact that back in the spring we got lost. Unlike today, we stayed on the trail with ease and bewilderment at how we got so turned around last time.
Typical Anita and Lacey.

Downtown Rochester we utilized the park to refill out water and use the bathrooms.
I LOVE deer. And right next to the trail walking around like they owned the place were 4 deer!
I was soo stoked. This was right after feeding a dozen ducks that hijacked the trail as well.
I am cracking up, we fed them my trail mix, they liked it as much as Lacey did, they just about took off her finger. I was cracking up! Yes, I am that friend.

My watch Died. According to Laceys:
Distance: 20 miles
Pace: 9:55
Time: 3:18
We ran 5 miles out, then did walk breaks at the top of every mile to the finish.

The Harsh Reality...RUNNING THIS FLAT IS HARD! My legs are sore and I need to run 20 again tomorrow.
Because I am using Woodstock as a training run this Saturday,  I am not doing a proper taper. I will taper after my long run tomorrow. But I still need to get my miles in, as well as my back to backs.
Hennipen is the BIG PICTURE.  And I need to keep that in mind, even with Woodstock.

AMYS Blue Bag Goodies....
First PERSON TO LEAVE their response BELOW...IN the BLOG COMMENTS what EACH of the ITEMS represent from my Blog posts, I will send you the same goodie BAG!


  1. Ok here goes....
    1.Celebrate Starbucks with Lacey!
    2.Expresso for extra energy!
    3.Mints to help your belly and keep your mouth moist!
    4. Lifesavors to share with friends and be giddy!
    That my friend I think is...
    ***** MY FINAL ANSWER *****
    I DO read your blogs!
    �� Love Judy ��

    1. YES!!!! My Judy YES!I love YOU~You make me smile, my heart is full.