"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, September 4, 2017

I can do this..

I am such a SUCKER!

Woodstock 50M= 5 days, Saturday.
Hennipen 100M=32 days

Todays RUN:
Who: Lacey, Paula and Matt
Where: Holdridge
What: Two loops, East, 9.5, 1 North loop 2m
Total Miles: 21...A mile more than I was expecting...A mile more I had to convince my whiny body to keep moving.

My legs were sore starting out this morning. I knew that I was going to be running on sore legs and that it would be good training for me.
It was just going to hurt.

It is very comforting having people to run with when you know you really need the motivation and encouragement.
Today was one of those days.
I was encouraged knowing:
A) Lacey was coming to play on the trails with me, She is NOT a fan of trails.
B) Matt would be doing the same thing, with his back to back tomorrow.
C) Paula was rocking out 26 miles compared to our 21 today.

I made it through the first loop like a brick house.
It was the second loop I was a mess.
With fatigue really settling in, my legs were struggling to pick up. I had energy in the tank just no juice in the legs.

I flipped dipped and tripped. I had 2- four point falls...That's what I call a fall you land on your knees and hands!
I bounced up rather fast, trying to hide the mouthful of dirt and pretend I never fell. This is why I like running in the back. Each fall I actually landed rather gracefully, for what its worth, when it comes to dancing with dirt.
My left shin was a dirty mess. It was filthy from the sweat and sand I landed in. I actually tried to wipe it off so I wouldn't look like such a hot mess when we finished.

Each trip, each fall, the sweat dripping down my back, the snot drooling out of my nose (Gross), the fatigue I gathered with each mile I reminded myself was all good training.
I tried to remain positive in my head.
I tried to train my mind to find a happy spin on the negativity that wanted to surface.

I enjoyed listening to Paula and Matt. Paula was singing some song about a Labrador I had never heard, and even though I had never heard this song I actually found comfort in Paula's soft toned voice.

We made great timing as we came out of the 2nd loop. Paula headed to the West loop, we finished on the North loop for our final 2 miles. This loop was actually quiet friendly. Much flatter and hardly no switchbacks. But I was so delighted when I saw the opening to the parking lot. I was DONE!

I hung around and waited for Paula to finish.

It was nice to hang out for a few minutes eating apples and oranges gabbing.

It was a good run today. I enjoy running Holdridge. It is like my baby.
I ran all last year almost every Monday here.
I still laugh how I was talked  into running this 100mile race and they bailed on me. I must be the biggest sucker in the world. Who in their RIGHT mind signs up for a 100 mile race??
I am going to run this race. I really debated it back in March. I almost bailed too.

But I am grateful for my running partners who have stuck with me and encouraged me the last few months of training. My body is tore up, My legs are throbbing, my booty is whining but I had friends helping me every mile, reminding me what I have to do.
Teaching me.
Training with me.
Coaching me.

32 days...I can do this.


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