"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The 80 degree Mirage.

We could have been old enough to be his mother.
Claudia and I took off this afternoon in the heat of the day. It was 81' degrees and full sun when we started.
I was coming off a low miles week, making me itch to get my legs turning over.

The heat didn't scare me away from running long, 18 miles was my goal. Easy but intentional.
80' degrees no matter how you cut it is HOT. I planned a route that would be relatively flat, both paved roads and back roads. The back roads would give us shelter from the baking sun but we needed some paved roads to get water.
Running in the heat like this, you cannot get behind the gun on being hydrated. You are going to struggle no matter what, but not drinking will mess you up in more ways than one.

I have gotten delusion on long runs. Confused and lost within just a few miles of home. Yes, I am a air head but being out of water makes my ditziness WORSE!

I thought the delusions were coming awfully quick today. I felt good. I had water in my hand held. I had been trying to drink regularly and my pace was really down.
Yet here Claudia and I stood in what seemed like a DREAM. Come TRUE!
About 8 miles into our run on Fagan Rd, we came on a house I have ran by 100 times. Its a beautiful brick ranch centered in the middle of acres and acres of corn crops. They have two barns, one, I have posted multiple times. As we approached, a shiny RED truck passed us. I waved at them and they waved at us. It was a very friendly day already so I didn't think much of it. The Red Silverado pulled into the driveway with the barns.
GET READY for this...
Like a DREAM...
This young man steps down from his truck and yells "HI, You guys want some water?"
Stumbling on my words I reply "YES! That would be great!" It was good timing, we had about 4 more miles until we got back to McDonald's to fill up again and I didn't think we would have any water left by then.
AHH yes... Was this a MIRAGE?
The guy walks into his barn and comes out to meet us right outside....SHIRTLESS.
He was tan, clean cut, with golden brown hair.. He had big eyes and a beautiful smile. I tried to keep my eyes above his shoulders. Afterall, I had just got out of church 3 hours prior. Not to mention I could have been his mother.
He looked about 25. He was so friendly and half naked. Maybe he was so friendly because he was half naked?
He held out 4 ice cold water bottles. Claudia took hers, I took one from his hands but was so flustered I couldn't get the top off. I passed it back to him and asked him if he could take my cap off.
Little did he know my CAP was Already off!
I was desperately trying to stay focused and not look at his 6 pack and loosely fitted flat front shorts with his "Hanes" underwear peeking out.
I was thinking "Is this a test God?" I totally FAILED.

Claudia and I headed back down the dirt road skipping and blushing. We were giggling like school girls.

I wish that silliness lasted longer, like the rest of the way back to my truck.
Reality set in real  quick. My bare skin began to feel the burn from the sun about mile 16. I had already messed my miles up on my Garmin. My mileage read a mile less than I had ran, this played a head game with me.
My skin was gritty with sweat, salt and dirt coating every inch of my body.
I kept feeling random rain drops on my shoulders. It took some time and I realized that wasn't rain, it was a perfect blue sky, it was SWEAT dripping from my hair.
I was so grossed out, and when I thought my misery couldn't get worse I began to smell FUNK, it was me, my churchy perfume, my floral deodorant and my feminine lotion and long long wore off. There was nothing girly left in me. I was even starting to chafe. I just needed to be DONE.
I finished. It wasn't pretty but I got my 18 miles in.
Well...part of it was pretty...

But now I must repent....
And wipe my cheesy grin off my face before Andy notices!