"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, July 13, 2017


My favorite spot, its a Tunnel.

I can't imagine running 44 miles in December for my birthday. But that is exactly what Tyler wanted to do. He wanted to run 16 miles with me for his 16th birthday on July 4th.
Tyler was one of my XC runners 2 years ago.

He was all smiles and ready to roll at 8am when his mom dropped him off at my house.

We headed to Holdridge to meet Claudia and knock out some birthday miles.
I knew right out of the gate something was wrong when she wasn't there before us.
She went to Highland Rec. Opps.

Tyler and I started running while she headed our way.

We had 2 miles banked when Claudia arrived. We headed to the East loop.

It was hot and humid. The bugs were gnawing on us. whapping us in the face, buzzing in our ears and downright annoying us.

Tyler ran out of water about mile 5. I opened up my pack and leaked some water into his water bottle. I dropped his large water bottle at the road but I was concerned when we got lost. Eh, not lost, just confused!
Tyler was out of water again and I didn't have much left in my pack. I had been conserving my water for him. I was really hoping we were heading in the right direction.
I put out a distress call to Kris and Matt, hoping for a little insight.
Tree DOWN!

We found our path, we found our water, we were going to be just fine...Tyler had another 5 miles to run and he was feeling it.
The farthest he had ever ran was 11 miles. This was another 5 miles.
We made it through!

Playing it smart.
  • We kept our pace down from the beginning.
  • We added several walk breaks
  • Intentional eating and drinking
  • SMILES..Laughter..Is always a great interruption to suffering.

We played some "MARCO POLO" when the trails were getting silent. Everyone was still ON!

We finished up the East loop still standing and headed over to the West loop for our final 4 miles. Tyler wasn't throwing in the towel. He was going to finish and I was really proud of him. Claudia was wonderful adding great conversation and being such an encourager. I am blessed with some awesome running partners.

The West Loop, the bugs were playing nasty. I was eating them, swapping them, slapping them and totally irratated by them. I wanted to run all the way through but I knew I just had to get Tyler to the 16 mile mark standing, a 4 mile piggy back ride was not an option!

Claudia went ahead about the last half a mile. As Tyler and I came out of the trail Claudia stood there with her camera capturing Tylers final 16 miles!

"So Tyler rather than ME tell you what you should do for recovery, YOU tell me...."
"Well Coach, I am going to stretch for hours! Then chocolate mile, ALOT of chocolate milk, then rest, get off my feet...."
Claudia added to put his feet up in the air and roll to release the lactic acid.
And I added "TAKE A NAP, You earned it." Plus that is what I really wanted but knew I wouldn't get.

We were on the trails till after 12! We all high fived, trying to keep our sweat to ourselves and headed in home.

I had errands to do in Fenton so I offered to take Tyler home, he lives in Fenton.
I made a pit stop at Tim Hortons for COFFEE and I got Tyler his chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookies, he earned them all!

My thoughts. There is a season for everything. A season to run fast, and a season to run fun. If you could look at my running as a resume', I am very blessed. God opened doors for me, growing me in strength, stamina and speed.
Jeremiah 3:33 "Call unto me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that though knowest not."
I claimed this verse asking God to for little things and he gave me BIG THINGS. Things I had no desire to do..He did for me. With me, through me.
I never thought I would hear "Coach, Coach..." And then get the privledge to be part of his Birthday Dream. What an honor.

I am beyond blessed. Being part of someone's happiness is where its at.

It's NOT about YOU.
You want happiness...Quit making it about you. Give. Love. Forgive. Smile.


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