"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A little piece of me..My first kiss

My calves were sore. I chuckled to myself how a flat, easy run could put me in the hurt locker. It was another reminder that I am going to put more miles in on flat surfaces.
Less trails.
8am I was out the door to run as FLAT as I could.

Before my watch hit the 1 mile mark, the rain started spitting at me.
I was running wide open heading towards downtown Holly.

At the 2 mile marker, my eyes were stinging. I wondered how polluted the rain was to make my eyes burn so bad. It felt like liquid fertilizer was poisoning me.

Other than my eyes burning everything else seemed to be in working order. My tight calves loosened up, my lungs opened up and my mind was in a good place. The voices were at a minimal this morning.

I had to create some flat miles. I turned right by the McDonalds and headed towards the Trailer Park.

My old stomping grounds. A different park, but same idea.

I looked around at the double-wides, the single-wides, the beautifully manicured lawn tucked in the middle of overgrown lawns and broken cars.
This was me.
I could see my bedroom. We had a single wide trailer, my room was in the front. I had a big bay window that had a ledge that I set my stereo on. Music was my therapy.
I lived in that bedroom.
I slept on a daybed that faced the window. I had a pretty white vanity with gold trim and a matching slender dresser.
I used to sneak out of my bedroom window. I had a lock on my room. Nothing was sacred in my room. Everyone stole from me.
Often times when chaos was so bad I would jump out my bedroom window and run to my girlfriend, Tina's house.
My mom usually never knew I left.

One night, my friends were all sneaking out. My mom was two sheets to the wind, bless her heart. We all got together to play a game. I had never heard of the game.
"Hide and Go Get SOME."
I was 14 and was very much a prude. I was a good girl. I might have talked a lot but I had never kissed a boy.
It was a hot summer night.  Someone yelled "GO" and we all scattered. Those trailer park boys were NOT good boys. They were nothing shy of little horn dogs. Knowing this I ran as fast as I could. I discovered to late that part of the fun was getting caught. That was NOT going to happen to me, that did NOT sound like fun. I ran faster and I hid really good.
A couple of the boys ganged up on me, the one trapped me. They had packed together and I was caught. Before I even knew what was happening this hot, clammy boy put his arms around me and about choked me with his tongue in my mouth. I ALMOST GAGGED. It was horrible.  His mouth was wet with sweatiness and a floppy tongue that I was not prepared for. I couldn't break his grip right away, but when I did, they NEVER caught me again! And I never played again.

I smiled as I ran down Apollo Circle. This was me. It will always be part of me. NO SHAME. There was a lot of riff raff growing up in that trailer park. But by the Grace of God go I.

Distance: 10.5 miles
Trailer park Run: 7 miles
Afternoon run with Lacey: 3.5 miles
Lacey came over my house about 4pm. Full of piss and vinegar Lacey was in rare form.
She really wasn't in the mood for ANYTHING. This attitude always makes me laugh.
We ran to the track, where I forgot to turn on my watch. Typical Anita.
Lacey wanted to do "Whatever".
I had already ran. "Lacey, Run the flats hard, take the turns to recover." And that what she did. I grabbed her water for her and chased her around.

A grownup is a child with layers on.  ~Woody Harrelson

Tonights Tea Time

Do you remember your first kiss? I would love to read your story!

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