"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Some degree of Crazy.

I have had the debate multiple times with multiple running friends;
Running quality in freezing temperatures VS. running indoors.

So it is fair to say I HATE running cold. I will do it but if you are running with me you will hear me whine most of the time, if I talk at all!


I do not pound my chest talking about how I haven't been on a TM for "X" amount of time.
Good for you.
Not good for me!

I personally run outside in the winter mostly for two reasons:
  1. I have FOMO- Fear of missing out. I like running with my friends. 
  2. If I am running short on time it is quicker to run from home. 
I believe running indoors for ME benefits ME more than running in freezing temps and inches of snow by:
  1. Running cold requires many layers. the more layers I have, the more I have to irritate me. Too tight, to itchy, too short, too thick, too stinky, too big, too bulky and so on. 
  2. I get mentally defeated. It requires so much more work for me running in the cold. I feel like I am huffing and puffing the entire time. My chest is heaving, my breathing is pathetic and I feel fatigued with very few miles in. 
  3. Mentally I get discouraged by my pace. I am running slower yet my body feels as though it is working harder. 
  4. I struggle maintain my pace due technical issues, my eye lashes freezing together, my shirt riding up, snow banks and ice to name a few annoyances.
  5. Running indoors allows me to run in SHORTS! The bare minimum. Having the air touch my skin is magical. I am such a happy runner. And Happy is Good!
  6. I can get on the treadmill and it makes me keep my pace. The TM is not forgiving. She doesn't let you catch your breath, she keeps on turning unless you push the button. I can hit the incline, the decline, punch in my pace and watch Ellen! 
  7. Running on a TM is good mental training. It takes A LOT of perseverance to run farther than 5 miles! 
  8. If I go to the gym I am way more disciplined to stretch and roll properly. I am also more motivated to do core and strength training. 
2018 is a New Year. I have new goals, new thoughts and new perspectives. 
I LOVE running. 
I plan on doing as much running next year as I did this year. 
I am NOT RUNNING. It is NOT my sole identity. 
This year I cut back on my social media running posts. 
As much I love running and this is a running blog I have even wrote about things other than running. I haven't put in all my stats and I haven't even been blogging as much. 

I have been doing the other things I love. Parenting. Being a youth leader at my church. This year marks the 12 year I have been either going to or volunteering in an addiction facility, one of my greatest passions, addiction.
I have over 20 years as a stylist. I love my profession and give 100% to my job. I LOVE people.
I even read a few books this year, listened to some great podcasts and watched a few documentaries. 

Yes, I ran some epic races, I coaches XC again for our local charter school and I still ran over 2000 miles for the year. 
BUT, I am MORE than a Runner. I love being outside, I love kayaking, watching the sunrise and catching the sunset. I love baking, camping and watching my boys play ball.
Christmas gift REVIEWS:

I ran today in them at sub zero weather. My feet never got coldor wet and I was pushing through a half a foot of snow. These particular pair of socks are actually taller than the ankle high ones I have. I prefer them higher, they fit great under my running tights and kept my shins warm and dry as I trudged through the snow. 
Smartwool: 25$
This is hands DOWN my favorite buff. At first, I didn't think I would like it due to its narrow neck. It was itching me until I got cold! WOW, it warmed my cheeks and nose instantly. It snuggled around me like a little face furnace. I would occasionally pull it down I would get so warm. 

Brooks Windbreaker: 100$
This light weight windbreaker folds into a teeny weeny little square, great for ultra running. I used this as a outer shell on Christmas to lock in the heat and keep the wind from cutting through me. It paid for itself the first time I used it. Christmas is was again sub zero and I got caught in a white out snow squall. I NEVER got chilled.

Nike Thermal running shirt.
My favorite detail with this layering shirt is the longer length in the back. It covers my toosh. The arms are also longer with fold over hand sleeves and thumb holes.  The material is lighter, making this the perfect layering shirt. 

In other news. 
My good Friend Ken is running "Across the Years" . He is running the 6 day race. I am excited for him. I think he is crazy but then that is all relevant. We all have some degree of CRAZY in us. 
He started today and has over 40 miles in. He is trying to average 55 miles a day. 
Remember him in your prayers!


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