"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Waiting for Anderson Cooper!

Over the last 4 weeks I have had 2 interviews, online links, front page articles and a snippet on the news.
Today, I came into work like a normal day. I was booked solid all day. I had no room for error.

The girls at work gave me copies of the newspaper article from the Oakland Press on Sunday. Heidi, went so far as to have the article laminated. It was beautiful.

Andy had made a post about me being a "Rock Star" which gave the girls at the salon ammunition to tease me.

About 10am Ashley came back to my chair. She had this quirky look on her face as she interrupted my client and I. "Anita, some guy from NBC is on the phone for you."
Thinking she was teasing me I respond "You are real funny!"
"No, seriously his name is Walter from NBC."
I look around at the other girls and everyone is laughing. I am laughing because I know the girls are messing with me.
I excuse myself from my client and head to the front.
Still laughing at their little prank I answer the phone. "Hello, this is Anita."
"Hello Anita, this is Walter from NBC 25. I was calling because I am doing a special on the Boston Marathon and was hoping that I could interview you."
It wasn't a prank!

Walter came out from Flint. He showed up in the middle of my clients color. Good timing really.
He was a taller man. Very friendly and kind. All the girls warmed right up to him. He had us laughing and very comfortable.

Walter did some investigating before arrived. I asked Walter how he found me. He said that he GOOGLED me and my Blog came up. He then read my blog. Walter only chose 2 people to interview today. Me and a 87 year old. Something in my Blog directed him to me.

He did the interview right there in the salon. One of the things that Walter asked me was about my Prayer Sheet. I was filled with joy that I had the opportunity to share my Faith.

HERE is That Part of the VIDEO. I am so Thankful to Katie for Videoing Him interviewing me.

After my interview, Walter wanted to catch some footage of me working. My client at the time had color and highlights on her head. Rhonda would have killed me. So I grabbed Kelli and pretended!
Kelli, wanted to kill me more for not giving her lip gloss for the camera!

And just when the fun was almost over, He asked to interview one of the girls about me!
I grabbed Katie. Katie and I directed a 5K race together. I am usually the pun of most of Katie's jokes. I probably should have thought this through better!
Walter asked Katie what she thought about me and my running.
"Anita is Crazy, anyone that can run that much and not have anyone chasing them is Crazy!"
It was fun to listen to Katie's comments. They all were witty and fun like that.

As Walter gathered his gear I invited him to stay with us. I think he may have taken us up on it had he not been on the clock!
Here is the Link to the interview..this is not a live video. I can not find the live one.

The rest of the day the salon was in a buzz. We were all laughing about one another's comments and description of the interview.

A couple hours later the phone rang again. I laughed at the girls and said "OH NO, There is Anderson Cooper!"
In my dreams!
"So Anita, You are going back to Boston this year. Tell me your thoughts on this years Boston Marathon"



  1. Replies
    1. Carri, So Funny, Funny how crazy life can through you in the craziest situations!

  2. I am no longer worthy to run with you lol;) that is just awesome Anita! Extra prayers for Team Harless as I saw a news blip about an issue with backpacks near the Boston finish line..be careful and safe my dear friend!! Miss u but the scenery and hiking is amazing - sure reminds me of God's abilities in nature!!

    1. Ba ha ha...Just so you know...Anderson Cooper Never called! A rumor went around that he called. Thank You for the prayers. I have been praying for the Majors family out there in the woods having a incredible adventure. We saw a RV (Rental) and Andy said ," that is my dream to drive out west in one of those!" Another thought to go out there! I would just fall in love out there. Take lots of pictures for me. Miss YOU, See you soon.

  3. Look at you - SUPERSTAR!!!!! :)
    I love you are getting God & prayer out there too. GO GIRL!!!!

    1. Rebecca I am more of a SUPER DORK than a Superstar! But I am with you, Isnt it awesome how we can use everything to Gods Glory. If we let him lead in faith we can steer people in HIS direction~