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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Missed Moments: Boston

We had a lot of fun in Boston. I really love the city. The city is full of life. I love the historical buildings, the cobblestone roads and the live entertainment in Fenhiel hall.
Growing up is optional!

I will share some of our fun moments with you through pictures.

The Red Sox Game: My client Debbie, has a uncle who works the Box office. She put in a call to him asking if he could come up with 4 tickets the game! I have never sat that close in my life! It was amazing. There were pop up balls all around us. I looked up at one coming down near me and was taking cover!
Alec Being Goofy

This was at one of the booths at the Expo.
I love my Signs the boys made me.

You see everything on the course!

After the Marathon the Fireman were outside the course. I asked Andy if I could get a pick. Notice the name on their shirts!
After we left the fireman we walked about a block and this stunning woman was standing there. She looked at me and said "Awe, Congratulations, you just ran the marathon?.." Her voice was like an angel. She walked over in my direction. I asked her if I could have a picture with her. She responded of course. She smelled as beautiful as she looked. I felt terrible because I was all nasty. So I told her "Oh, You smell so good, you don't have to get to close to me." She was so sweet, "No, No, Come here, I do not mind at all." She reached around and put her arm around me for a picture. She made my day even better than it already was!

Say Hello to my little friend. Turns out that Jeff and his wife were in the hotel room ACROSS the hall from us! I was so stinking worried about Jeff and his finish. When he said they were on their way back to the hotel after the marathon I went to the lobby to meet him and his wife. Their story was like a comedy of errors. I never quit laughing at Jeff as he shared one bad thing after another! But it Finished! I was so proud of him. He was never able to train pass 16 miles. He had injury after injury.



  1. Such fun! Your race cap was amazing!! So happy for you and your success! Carri~A Running bee

    1. Thank YOU Carri. We had a pretty good time. It is nice to be back home and back into the routine of things.

  2. Ahhh - so much fun! Glad to see a tiara wearing gal is sweet too :)

    1. It was fun. Exhausting but fun. I love that we ran into Miss Mass. She was stunning.