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Monday, June 18, 2012

Family on the RUN~

"When you teach your son, you teach your son's son."

It is officially summertime for the Harless Family!! Austin said it best today "This is the first full week of vacation."
A morning 10k to start the summer off sounded pretty good! We had big plans to get up and out of the house by 8am to run our 6 miles at Indian Springs.
We showed up at 10am, better later than never.
Alec looked awkward on my adult size mountain bike and  Austin was prepared to tackle his farthest distance yet.
I think Austin knew I was fibbing about the hills at Indian springs. They are more like rollers..but not to a 12 year old.
We took the first Mile at a very steady pace averaging 9:51. "Austin had made the comment several times "Mom, I do not want to go fast, I just want to see if I can run 6 miles."
The first mile of the Run is always the most difficult. It takes time to get into your GROOVE!

I thought mile 2 was never going to come. My Garmin beeped right as we were running over the 2 mile marker. We somehow managed to slow down on our 2nd mile running it at a 9:52 minute mile. I think Austin was nervous he wouldn't finish if he went out to fast. He actually got into a king baby temper tantrum on mile 2. I actually considered leaving him for a half of a second.

By Mile 3 we were sweating and getting attacked by bugs. Alec was riding ahead of us about 10 feet and seemed to be getting attacked the worst. His little arms kept flaring in the air as he attempted to fight them off. Several times I thought he was going to biff it on the bike because he would get so out of so of control swatting bugs away. Somewhere between bug fighting Austin says "Mom, I feel like I am into it now."
This was pleasing to my ears. He has his GROOVE on at a steady 9:53 pace.

We were consistently getting slower, I was going to slowly increase our pace as we turned around at the 3 mile mark. Emotionally I knew "Austin" was in a good place. He knew he was heading back in, and this alone gave him more confidence.

By mile 4 Austin had removed his tank top. He was sweating through it. We both were sweating pretty bad. It seemed like a trade sweat for bugs! But hey, maybe that sweat was the perfect payoff for a 9:36 mile!! He was speeding up and didn't even know it!

As we approached mile 5 we were moving pretty fast. It was fun to see Austin holding his own and now moving at a 9:11 minute mile. He was still talking and even laughing.

There was no doubt in my mind at mile 6 that Austin was going to not only finish his farthest distance but he was also going to rock The Solstice run next weekend. He not only was running his farthest distance he was also blowing his 6 mile at a 8:28 minute mile!!!
We had that enormous hill at the end. I had been telling Austin, "Whatever you do, do not be afraid of the hills, own them, conquer them and they will be your best defense in a race."
So as we were scaling our way up I was shouting forward "GO, GO , GO .." Only Alec thought i was talking to him so Austin actually yelled at his brother to move. But I said to Austin, "No Austin, I am talking to you, Go come on, get up the hill!"

We finished out 6 miles at 56:55. Right before the skies opened up. As we walked it off we couldn't help but notice the deep gray blue sky overtaking us. The skies looked angry and Alec looked petrified!
Yeah...He is taller than me and only 12...But I can still out run him!!

SUMMER Running with the Family:

"How do you spell Love to your children? T..I..M..E " (Source Unknown)
  • Take the family to the track and do Indian runs with them. Make a game with the track getting the whole family involved. Ice cream is a good prize!
  • Find a park, bring a bike for the family member that might not be able to keep up and a picnic for after. 
  • Vacation..Run on the beach together..Little runs make Big memories!
  • Sign up for a family 5k and train together a couple times a week. It gives everyone incentive to play together~
  • Family fun game of Capture the Flag.
 "The mark of a good parent is that he can have fun while being one."
-- Marcelene Cox

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  1. That was awesome and you and both your son's are amazing!!!! I can't believe Austin is running so far and so fast!! Must be in the genes!
    Love ya!!