"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Just Start with a Smile

"Your here for a reason, you certainly are.
The world would be different without  you., by far.

If not for your hands and your eyes and your feet, 
like a puzzle, would be incomplete. 

Even the smallest things that you do
blossom and multiply far beyond you. 

A kindness, for instance, may triple for day...
or set things in motion in different ways.

It travels much further than you'll ever know...
under the treetops...
over the snow...
till it's wandered...
and fluttered...
and floated...
and twirled-

making things happen allover the world. 

You're here for a reason.
It's totally true.
Your part of a world that is counting on you. 

So don't be to worried if some days fall flat.
Good things can happen even from that. 

Life can be tricky, there isn't a doubt. 
You'll skin your knees trying to figure it out. 

But life works together, the good and the bad,
the silly and the awful, and happy and sad.
to paint a big picture we can't always see...
a picture that needs you, most definitely. 

Remember that next time a day goes all wrong...
to somebody else, you will always be strong. 

And that ball that you lose or that kite you let go
could make someone's day-
you just never know. 

Your here for a reason. If you think you're not,
I would just say that perhaps you forgot-

a piece of the world that is precious and dear
would surely be missing if you weren't here.

If not for your smile and your laugh and your heart, 
this place we call home would be minus a part.

Thank goodness you're here!
Thank goodness times two!

I just can't imagine a world without you.

Nancy Tillman

Words. Lyrics. Quotes. Verses.
I love Words.

Some days are tough to see the light of day. No matter how sunny the forecast looks our day is nothing sort of gloomy.

We get discouraged, despaired by a life that continues to rob us. There is no escaping from feeling like a living carcass being slowly pecked.

But there is so many beautiful things that each one of us carries. We were created to SHINE. To LOVE. To Give Back.

I LOVE this little poem. It's the tiny reminders that SOMEONE out there loves me. Someone out there believes in me. Sees the little things.

Being sick this week messed with my heart and my head.
I finished off my WHOLE cup of coffee like a champ this morning. Its sweet nectar made me smile with hope and excitement.
I spoke to God anxious to see how he unfolded my day.

My favorite treadmill was whispering my name. And like a little kid getting on a new bike I quivered with excitement.
My body felt strong considering I was getting over being sick and my mind was prepared to be pained by sweat and struggle.

7 miles in under a hour. That was the goal.
WORDS. Lyrics. smiles.

I FELT AMAZING! Each mile I let the lyrics seep into my skin. The words gave me energy. I thought of Gods words. I smiled. I picked up the pace. I held my shoulders back. I turned my twirpy legs over as though they belonged to someone else. My forehead beaded with sweat. It was refreshing. I was running Smooth. Easy. Strong.
I picked up the pace again.
I thought about the friends that love me. I smiled. I thought about my kids and how goofy we are. I smiled. I thought about my siblings, how we OVERCAME the odds. I smiled. I thought of the support that I so many of YOU give me through your words, your comments, your questions or even your "LIKE'S" I smiled.
The little things are so BIG.

You were created to SHINE. Get OUT of yourself. Never quit. Pause for a moment then RESET, SMILE and create happiness.
Love on someone else.
Be Beautiful inside and out.
Get out of your slumber and Shine. Good Days are inviting you, just start with a SMILE.


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