"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

T-4 Days Glass City Marathon

Proverbs 23:7"For as he thinks in his heart, so is he."

The thought of running a 8:21min/mi for 26.2 miles makes my stomach turn inside out. Glass City Marathon this Sunday.  I have done the training to accomplish this but I am still overwhelmed with fear. This is the pace I would like to achieve to get into Boston. The qualifying standard for my age group is 3:45.
Its gonna HURT soo bad.

I never planned on running the Boston Marathon again, until Lacey. Lacey wants it, and I want it for Lacey. There would be nothing GREATER than running Boston Marathon with her for 2018.

Great things happen in Boston. This is where I met Danielle at in 2011. Danielle and I went to HS together,even graduated together but never hung out. I heard someone call my name as I was running the marathon, it was DANIELLE! We have been running together ever since.
I would be so stoked to share Boston with Lacey. It is one the greatest marathons.

We have trained many miles together. Almost every Sunday, Sunday Runday.
The Hotel is booked.
The driving instructions printed.
The expo directions printed.
Our goals verbalized.
There is NOTHING more we can do. Our training is DONE.

Many many miles in the snow, rain, sleet. Around a track, on a treadmill, sweat, fear and soreness.

It is time to remind myself to accept the pain and run on. My mind will program my body. My body is trained. It is very mental. Such is life.

You are what you think you are.

I am going to have to control my thoughts.

My thoughts right now...."Oh Lord...PLEASE keep me strong."

Sunday. NO run, but I missed Lacey and met her for a sunset walk down the dirt roads for 3 miles.

Monday. This was a FUN RUN. Erin is running her first Marathon at Glass City. Lacey and I wanted to run her last long with her. Then I invited Claudia and Matt invited himself! We ended up with a really fun group run. 10 miles at Indian Springs.
The hardest part of this run was not getting to hear from everyone. There were so many conversations going on in all different directions. My mind was spinning.

TODAY: I met Jeff at GAC. He is so goofy. I was on time and looking all over for him. My phone was in my hand when I got a test message. "Hey dummie! Turn around" I was spinning around looking for him when I spotted him laughing at me. "HEY! Its not very nice to call someone a dummy so early in the morning!" I yelled at him from about 30 feet away. But I could tell he was thinking he was the next standup comedian so let him laugh it up!
We skipped the TM's and ran on the track together.
3 miles, easy peasy lemon squeeze me.
I had CC today so I had another easy peasy 2 miles to add to that.

My day was booked from 7am all the way to 5pm. Every 2 hours I had a appointment. No rest, no excuses. I had to get things done.
I am blessed with amazing friends. As busy as my day was, I was encouraged, motivated and even blessed with lunch.

I heard the voices of those that have helped me with this marathon. Jeff has been such a coach to me. He has been where I am. His experience and knowledge speaks volumes.
I have the greatest cheerleaders. I hear the words, read them and love all of them.

I see the faces of those who support me, encourage me and believe in me. I am so blessed.
I have the greatest tribe.

Glory is GOD'S. He is my strength and provider. I give him such gratitude for keeping me injury free, strong and healthy the last 16 weeks.
I am thankful for every mile, for every run, every person he provided me with. I deserve nothing and appreciate everything in humility and gratitude.



  1. You got this! Toledo is a great FAST course!!!!

    1. MICHELLE!!Have You ran Glass City?? TIPS??

    2. Yes! 3x I Love it!!!! There is one steep hill around mile 20-21, the last several miles are on a paved nature path. It's flat and fast! Look for Santa throughout the course ;)