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Monday, October 24, 2011

Bone head moves I have done in the name of RUNNING...


How come dumb stuff seems so smart while you're doing it.

I was journaling my runs on "Daily Mile" and  I got a response from  "Scott C".  The response was in regards to a Bonehead move on my part.
My Post read like this:
Left the house feeling great...The emotion of the weather carried me about 6 miles but then my BONEHEAD move of NOT bringing water or chomps took its tole. If you are from MICHIGAN hope you took advantage of the DAY..IT ROCKED!
"Scott C" Responded and it read like this:

I think there is something in the official runner's handbook that says you have to do that BONEHEAD move at least 4 times in your running career.
Great job getting out there and getting it done.

This sparked a fun post for me....ANITA'S BONEHEAD MOVES! unfortunately there are a few move than four and I am not even done with my running career!

Here are a FEW of my Favorite Boneheads Moves!

1.After a end of the summer run the endorphins where pulsing through my body like a junkie on crack. Finishing this run left me with enough energy and not enough brains to think I was Jackie Chan. Seeing a branch hanging from a tree about 5 feet in the air seemed like a good target to throw a front kick....Until I heard a POP in mid air and landed in a cat like position....I Tore MY ACL!

2. Not knowing I had tore my ACL I refused to go to the DR's because I KNEW they would not let me run the half marathon I had registered for the following week....Bonehead move....I RAN !!

3.Having stomach problems for a few weeks off and on I thought I would self diagnose and treat myself for what I thought was constipation. My sister in law provided me with a couple options. My belly hurting, I took the option 1,the "slow reacting" gel thing that had to be ....Inserted...ewe! And when that did not work to my liking I took the tablet she gave me that was "fast Reacting". My belly continued to hurt but there was no movement so I decided I my as well "RUN through IT"..Till I got to mile 3 and was drenched in sweat and running with my teeth and other parts clenched. I would run a little, walk a little, drop to my knees and breath all the while looking for an escape route....There is NO toilet paper in the woods!!....I ended up with an appendectomy 3 weeks later!

4.Distracting a BONEHEAD on a motorcycle. I was running into oncoming traffic which is what you are supposed to do, when I heard a crotch rocket coming up behind me. I could hear him gunning it as he was approaching me around a blind curve. Only it was not blind to ME...I could see the van coming towards me. The Motorcyclist couldn't though  and lost control of his bike showing off around the curve. He dumped his bike all the way in my lane missing the van by INCHES. I fall to my knees in fright as the motorcyclist must have been doing about 90 miles an hour and his bike screeches with flames about 500 feet down the road with him still attached. HE Walks AWAY from it. His Momma comes in her Jaguar and says this is his 2 total in less than a month. Favorite line came from the guy in the van.." I didn't know who to hit, I had to make a choice..."Moron on the bike or innocent runner girl"

5. While training for Boston back in the winter this year I was doing a long run. It was very cold and snowy out. I had bundled all up and prepared myself for the temperatures and conditions. I had gotten to about 10 miles and was FREEZING. My knee was acting up and I was over the whole run. There is a neighborhood across the street from my house (where I have lived at for 6 years BTW). I thought I would take a short cut and go through there and it would bring me by my house. I got LOST. TOTALLY LOST in my own backyard practically.  I didn't recognize anything!  I panicked and did all I knew to do and retraced my footprints back! 

6. I took my 1 year crazy hyper boxer for a simple 3 mile run. I didn't run with a choke collar because it seemed mean. Sheba loves to run, She also loves to LEAD and NOT listen like most puppies.  On the corner of the street during high traffic time Sheba ran on the left of a sign...Only I was on the RIGHT....YUP...the leash wrapped around the pole and sent me flying back off my feet and on my butt at the corner of a 4 way stop!! Choke collars are so nice!

There are several others...These are just some of my favorites. I have forgotten GU"S, not brought enough water, peed my pants, AND even ran through a veterans cemetery not knowing you are not supposed to!

Running back roads that had 3 days of rain!

COMMENTS: MUD run. Ran with Sheba. So amazing out. 



  1. Sheesh thats crazy, you have a really good memory! Also i got my nickname in relation to jackie chan. The only major bonehead thing I can remember are these. In highschool it was super cold we ran across a bridge that went over a river everyday. Well the river looks frozen, so we decide hey lets run across it, well about 4 of us get half way across and it starts cracking, luckily this river is not deep but its deep enough to get really wet! I ran fast but my pants and half my shirt were completely soaked.. Freezing we climbed the bank went inside a park bathroom and repeatedly hit the button on the hand dryer to warm up. It was a two mile run back to the locker room...

    Last year I was running the Tulsa run 5k course before the race to get familiar with the course. I had to use arm sleeves and put my watch on over the arm sleeves, well when it came time to take my watch off and my arm sleeves I did except I left my ironman watch on the top of the car and didn't realize until tat night at 1030pm the race was the next day, was at walmart at 11-1130 getting another watch when I should have been asleep!

  2. Zachy...Seriously you have me laughing out loud. these are great!! In the midst of the excitement I think sometimes our brains fall out..Of course we Need Our Legs more so who notices!! Thanks for sharing this!! Love the Laugh...starting to feel not so alone!!

  3. You have a way with words. Keep it up. I have done lots of Bonehead running stunts. Over 20 years of them. I even have a Polar Bear story that really did happen. I have been lost for hours in strange cities. I have been followed by the cops running as I matched a discription of a robbery suspect...twice! I have been missed by inches crossing the street by cars, trucks, ATV's and Skidoos. I have done the bathroom thing behind bushs and parked cars. Never ever take a leak behind a unmarked police car. The cops do no have a sense of Haha when they think you are peeing on their car. There are the naked people doing stuff they shouldn't be doing in public as you run by. And seeing people come out of other peoples houses early in the morning when you go past them on the early morning runs. Anyways I have to go to bed.

    Glad I gave you a quick insperation for you blog.