"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Friday, January 12, 2018

Running isnt a Free Sport.

Every sport has a cost. Running can be less costly and on the flip side it can cost you a second job to pay for registrations, accessories and travel expenses.

This year I am signed up for:
  • Snow Moon Run: 35$
  • Highland Loops: 55$
  • Detroit Marathon: $102.65
  • Three Sisters ultra: 75$
  • Woodstock 100K w/camping: 155$

These alone add up too!
I still have to sign up for:
  • Pot o Gold: 30$
  • Mohican50: 115$
  • Clarkston Backroads: 50$ before Feb1st
Total: 617.65

Items to add on:
  • This does not include the races I don't know that I will do! 
  • Shoes, trail shoes and road shoes
  • Lodging
  • Clothing, I love running clothes!
  • State, county and metropark pass stickers
  • Accessories, head lamp/night gear, water bottles, gear, ect.
All this being said. I am so thankful for all the Christmas gift money that my clients gave me. I was able to purchase 2 registrations. 
I have to ration myself. A little here and a little there.  

This year I will look forward to 3 new races: Snow Moon Run, Three Sisters and Mohican50

I am just keeping base miles right now.

So today was a fun run with the gang out at Seven Lakes.
Our January thaw left the paved roads mostly clear with a few patches of ice. The snow had melted and the water damn was spewing.
I was extra courageous wearing a running skirt and compression socks.
I looked cute until I took a body slide into and across the melted mud. Then I looked official! 

We ran a little keeping a good pace until someone picked up snow. From that point, I am not sure what happened other than body plants in snow banks and snow balls flying everywhere.

At 44 years old, it is soo good for the soul to laugh and be a kid. 5 grown adults acting like kids chasing each other with vengeance.

Knobby knees, wrinkles Mud!

With muddy biff produced some good laughter. But even I got my revenge when we came to the back of the camping area and looked straight up a big ole HILL.

It took a little convincing. We took off our coats, you know to get SERIOUS and UP we went. And back down too. It was muddy, steep and tough. I was trying so hard to calm my breathing, the more I did the more it made me want to laugh.

Mud slide hill

Today we ran 10 miles. We ran a solid pace including our shenanigans and challenges.

I am looking forward to training with my group. We all take our running serious but we also know how to make an adventure out of it too!

Enjoy what you do. Play out the unplanned adventure. Take the side route, climb the tree, and do the Happy DANCE!


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  1. Great blog! And the best group! My costliest race this year is Hardrock - a whopping $357.00! Ouch.