"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, August 14, 2017

50k Training run. LOOPY

"How many more times do we have to go up this stupid hill?" I cried from the back of the pack.
I looked up to see distance growing between me and the pack.

It was great to have so many of my friends come out to support one another. Some needed emotional support, some needed running wisdom, as for me it was encouraging  having such a great group come out to help me run 32 miles, a 50k training run.

These miles in the heat are a beast. You need a voice bigger than your own.

Preparation for this training run:
  • IBC root beer, bottles baby.
  • Cream Soda, vitamin water, Starbucks Espresso Salted Caramel, bottled water
  • Mandarin oranges, navel oranges, granola bar, grain bar, apples, strawberries & blueberries
  • change of clothes
  • wipes, ones that smell good.
  • Extra shoes and socks
  • gum, mints and life savers

The above list may look a little goofy but each item has a purpose.
When I run I crave certain foods and some foods make my belly turn. The sodas are refreshing for when you are all done. I purchased them for all that showed up, a little treat. The vitamin water was a substitute for water when water wasn't quenching my thirst any longer. The espresso was for when I needed some extra energy.
Our plan was to run loops of 5.5 mile, coming back to the car to drop runners off and pick up more. I packed several foods for myself and others. I practice running more with whole foods than Gu's or chomps. They settle better in my tummy.
I am a scent gal. I can only smell sweat and dirt soo long before it grosses me out. Each loop I use wipes to wash the dirt and sweat off me. This gives me a boost, cooling me down and making me feel fresh again.
The gum and mints help my belly and keep my mouth moist...YUCK, I had to write that nasty word.

I started out with Chris and Matt. We headed into the trail about 7:30am to meet up with Rachel and Claudia. 
It didn't take long before we ran into the girls with big smiles, welcoming us.

This was how our run went, run a loop, pick up a runner or drop off a runner. Eat a little, drink a little. Text my boys and hubby to let them know I was not buried on the trail. Chat a little and back into the trails, HI HO HI HO!

We picked up Justin and Kris the last couple full loops.
Those last couple loops I was glad I had brought that espresso. It gave me a second wind.
We had slowed our pace a little bit, making the conversation easy between us all.
Hanging in the back I tried to attach to my surroundings. As I get tired I get sensitive. This trail run was no different. I try to breath in gratitude. Gratitude comes in the form of the trees dancing against the soft breeze hidden in the forest. Or the midnight blue butterfly, that appeared on the same section of the trail. I love listening to the laughter of my friends all so happy. Or sharing my random grape Lifesaver, making someone else giddy.
Usually I am one of 3 girls and Matt is the only guy. This time I was the only girl!

I had to crawl up that barbaric hill 5 times. Each time I got slower and slower. But on the other side is DELIGHT. A half mile decline of giggling and joy. I like to throw my arms out and let my body just unfold. PURE happiness. TAP TAP TAP my feet bounce off the rocks and the roots. I can feel the wind against me and the grimace is gone, replaced with a big smile.
The BEAST. 5 Times of SUCK

We came out of the Wilderness Trail at 29 miles.

That's NOT a 50K!

One more loop. The Lakeside loop for 3 more miles. I was having a really hard time winding back up. My ITBand was acting up. Claudia had worked on it the second loop, elbowing it and deeply massaging it, trying to release it. I was clenching the car in pain but it made a significant difference in finishing up the run.
The last loop, The Lakeside Loop is more narly than the Wilderness loop. My legs and energy levels were not in firing happy thoughts.
This loop is so beautiful. I was running on grace. I was charmed by the backdrop of the lake and delicate lily pads. I just wanted to stop and sit by the water mesmerized by Gods Artistry.
The morning had turned quickly to afternoon and the evening was creeping up.
It sadly was time to stay focused and knock out this 50K training run.

32 miles. I was fascinated at how good I felt. I was still smiling. I had so much to smile about.
A lot of Love on those trails. You become so intimate, overcome with a barrage of emotions. You feel like you are being spun around. I have moments out there I am enamored to the point I loose all direction. It is a wonderful feeling.
Even at the tail end of a very very long run I still feel enchanted.

Thankful for my tribe today, Chris, Matt, Claudia, Rachel, Kris and Justin. You Guys are the best. Thanks for the support, the fresh veggies and the carrot cake!

So dirty.

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