"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Weekend of Hippies.

Run Woodstock, is a fun weekend with all race distances available.
I will be running Woodstock Freaky 50K! (that's 32 miles)
BIB #710 TRACK me at Live Tracker If it is storming, just know that the tracker may not be accurate.
This is race that has gone under the radar. I am not sure why, after all it is a 50K not a 5K.
I still carry fears. I try to prepare my mind, my body and my material.
One thing you can't prepare for is THE WEATHER..70% storms!

Even with this being my 3 ultra, I am still a baby. Monday when I ran with Matt I enjoyed listening to his last race out west. I have questions and curiosity.
Part of my preparing has really been with my Monday crew. They have so much experience. I saturate myself in their stories, info and tips. Even today I was getting text messages from Ken reminding what I need to do for Saturdays race.

I started my morning at 7am with my last run. It was an easy 5 miles. Only it wasn't that easy. The humidity was so bad I felt like I peed my pants.

I had to keep an eye on the time because I was meeting my girlfriend for breakfast. 1 cup of coffee, a breakfast burrito and 2 hours of great conversation. I am so blessed with good friendships.

I had to cut our breakfast early because I had a 11am appt....

A Massage appointment! I got my prerace massage. Ahh, it was so delightful. The gal that gives me my massage never talks to me. I just lay there and let her do her magic. When she finished my massage this afternoon I just about slid off the table. I was like a slippery wet noodle. I shaved my legs literally 30 minutes before I went.  My leg hair was like a shaggy dog with cancer. I have patches where no hair grows, it is the weirdest thing. But now my body was all lubed up with oil and my skin was slicker than snot. I laughed at myself trying to slide into my clothes.

I headed to Flint for my teeth cleaning appointment. I chuckled at myself wondering if this would make me any more efficient running.
Great news, No cavities.

3 very important things.

I will NOT sleep the night before the race for multiple reasons, like over 1000.
Over 1000 runners are CAMPING around us at Hell Creek Ranch in Pinckney.
Camping, yep, we are tenting it! It is going to be chaos. I love it, the more the merrier! Poor Andy, my introvert hubby, it should be interesting!
Andy jumped on this race a few weeks ago. He is running the Hippie Half!
These are TRAILS. This is his first Trail race. Andy actually runs the trails really good. He is a natural.

Saturday, I will start running first. 6am in the dark.
Andy will follow at 7:30am.
Hopefully, he will be able to get a shower (in a shower trailer with cold water) before he finds me.

Jama, MaryAnn and Claudia are all running and camping together. It is all of their first time at the 50K distance. They are going to love it.

Last year, I ran the 50M. It took over 10 hours. I am hoping to finish this year between 6 and 7 hours. This is my first go at a 50K. All I know is it is 18 miles short of 50 miles and yet 32 miles SHORT of my 100K in October.
This race with give me a good gauge to what I will be up against for Cloudsplitter.
Last years 50M

Please pray that I stay healthy. I am less than 4 weeks out from Cloudplitter. I CAN NOT AFFORD TO GET INJURED.
Trail runners fall, trip, stumble and twist ankles, if this should happen I pray I can recover.

Who I am competing with!
I am racing this as a training run. My ONLY competition is myself. I have been told I am competitive.
I am.
With myself. I am always striving to get a new experience. To test my body. To dance with fear.
And to see what I am capable of.
But to see what I am capable of WITH GOD.  I Love the feeling of being Afraid, feeling Depleted,
Vacant of Self..Crying out to Jesus.
Reminding Myself...

When I am WEAK HE is STRONG.

CONTEST!! WHO can get closest to the hole. Whoever comes CLOSEST to guessing my Woodstock 50K time will get a fun gift of Woodstock goodies!


  1. 6:11:42. Have fun, be safe, enjoy every mile!!!!

    1. Michelle, I have to check..But I think you may have won~! It was fun!!And shockingly I NEVER fell!

  2. Great seeing you out there, Anita! Great job on the race! But isn't a 50K supposed to be 31 miles?

    1. Ha ha...YES, you beat me to my follow up recap. I saw someone post a picture of their Woodstock 50K Garmin results from last year. It read 32.23. Soo I thought it was a bit longer..I was excited when I heard the cowbells,because in my mind I got a FREE mile!