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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sorenson Park Review

Sorenson Park is a 93 acre park with 2 baseball fields, a nature center and a 5K running route.

This picture was taken about 4 weeks ago. Notice the only greenery is that little patch of moss.
I didn't take this picture today. I swiped it off the Facebook page!

This is what Sorenson Park looks like now!

I barely recognized the trail with the trees full of greenery. Vines were growing wild across the path, making you concerned of pickers.
I couldn't see the large boulders that run along side the trail due to all the foliage.
Again, this was 4 weeks ago. Today, I never located the boulders as they were tucked away from a canopy of greenery.
The trail was much more narrow, the 93 acre park was thick and lush with vegetation overtaking the path.
It was lovely. I have never seen anything suspicious in the park. A lot of people walk their dogs, me included. The Holly XC team runs there in the summer once a week. I have always felt safe there.

I rarely run through the trails without taking a picture. Even though I ran with my phone, I did NOT stop.
The GOAL: to run the 5K 2 times= a 10K!
I wanted to run the second half faster than the first half, but NOT wanting to go hard.

Sorenson Trails

The trail is well maintained. Parts of it is mowed. You have to do a loop 2 times. I had to do the loop 4 times because I ran it twice.
As you come out of the trails you could easily loose the trail that connects near a  the mulch pile. The trail is relatively flat except for the last half mile that goes behind the softball diamond just beyond the mulch. Then it is UP Up UP!
You finish the last 2/10th running along side the baseball fields.

Distance: 6.22
Pace: 9:21
Calories: 485
Elev Gain: 78
I DID IT. Without running out of breath, running tired or sore. I finished mile 4 faster than mile 1 and mile 5 faster than mile 2 BUT that last mile was going to be a doozy. I had to run back up that hill and hold my pace.
I know I could run it faster, but I wanted to run it just a few seconds faster, I wanted to run it with breath, with energy.
And truth be told...I need to get a long run in tomorrow, I needed to run it SMART.
Nailed it~

I took that last stretch back home. Flat and easy. I did my mental checklist.
How was my posture?
How was my breathing?
How was my foot strike?
Where were my hips resting? My arms landing?

It felt wonderful. Life was good, exceptionally good for those 58 minutes.

In other news: DAD is OUT of ICU!! Almost 2 weeks in there. It was a great morning seeing dad finally make it to a stepdown room. He actually smiled, did some exercises, and drank some coffee. It was also so nice to see mom smiling. She was in the best spirits I have seen her in as well.
Thank you for you prayers.


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