"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, May 2, 2016

Yesterday, Today and somtime not so far off


It occurred to me very early that due to tapering I would not be running 3+ hours. I would have enough leftover time in my afternoon that I could pencil in a nap.
THE DISTANCE: 12 miles
THE BODY: struggling with I believe to be a slight case of shin splints and I think I may have a piriformis issue. Oh the joys of running.  I have been addressing these with Yoga moves  from Claudia, rolling and icing.

THE PREP: I rolled and stretched incorporating "Downward Dog" per Claudias suggestion for my piriformis issue. Turns out Andy started stretching too. Because our communication is so awesome I had no idea he too was running at the same time AND running 12 miles as well.  NOTE: YOGA moves, and husbands should not be in the same room. I looked up trying to really stretch my backside and Andy was smirking like a 13 year old. UGH!
THE RUN: Lacey met at my house after Andy had left solo. We both agreed we needed to really go easy. At mile 3 we came across ANDY by E Holly rd. Like 2 stray dogs we came up behind him. He tried not to laugh as we obnoxiously told him we would run with him.
"NO, NO, I am going really slow..."
We giggled, "OH good, so are we!"
We ran with Andy, annoying him the entire distance. He got a few jabs in at us. Mostly making fun of how we are both injured and it is probably do to our training plan. We tried to explain our theory, or are method to the madness. The more we defended our training the more annoying he got with his smarty pants statements. No one likes a know it all, Andy!
We actually ran intervals with Andy. 5:1. We finished at a 10min/mi.

My Niece Sarah and her sweet little man.
21 Day Fix
I met my niece Sarah at her new apartment. Together we did a workout video, that I am pretty sure she tried to kill me. I AM A RUNNER. My body was so confused on what I was doing to it. 5 minutes in, I was already sweating, whining and complaining, "SERIOUSLY Sarah?!! 20 more minutes??!"
I didn't give up, together we encouraged each other and even giggled at my incoordination. A couple times I tripped myself, getting tangled under my feet, it was pretty funny.
After leaving her, I was just a couple miles from Trader Joes so I headed there for groceries.
The day got away really fast.
I was left with 45 minutes to run.
As I was walking out the door, I heard a voice to give Noble, a friend of ours from church a call to run. Noble is in his early 20's, he asked me if I would help him run a half marathon.
I was shocked when he said he would leave right then to meet me at the track.
The RUN:
We ran strides. Shuffle jog on the curves and about 85% on the straights. We probably ran between 8-10 strides keeping our cadence @about 34-36. The last stride Nobles cadence was 31. I think he is going to do great!
DISTANCE: 5.1 miles
PACE: 9:01

Not So Far Off...
CLEVELAND MARATHON!! Less than 2 weeks away. I'm a little Beat up. But I am trying to Buck up. Very Excited.

LOVED this recovery powder. Mixed it was Stoneyfield organic superfruit yogurt, Pineapple coconut juice and ice.


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