"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Last Saturday I ran the Martian Marathon.
Today I ran 20 miles. 20 miles of hills, heat, dirty dusty back roads and it was AWESOME!
My body was very forgiving until about mile 16. Then every fiber in me started barking. I wanted to just finish.
Lacey ran along side me like a shadow. Our feet hit the dirt road the same, our arms moved rhythmically, pumping harder as we came to another hill. We both sighed, discouraged and determined all in one breath, one very labored breath.

The heat felt great, or maybe it was running in shorts and tank tops that was so wonderful. Truth be told we ran out of water at mile 13. We found a cemetery with a pump. The water was cold and refreshing. We were grateful as we chugged down a mouthful of gritty mineral well water.
We had a layer of  dirt crusted in our sweat.  And I have officially received my first Irish sun burn. I don't have enough Mexican blood to prevent the red lines across my arms and chest.

We ran down dirt roads we had never taken. Horse farms, old barns, wetlands, and DOGS!
My heart drops when I hear the bark of a dog. And I pretty much loose my bowels when I see them running towards me. Especially when it is a PITBULL.
"LACEY!!!!" Lacey ran ahead of me, I froze with fear. I tried so hard to be courageous as I shuffled forward on the opposite side of the street.  I didn't know what to do. He was running on the  inside a fence on our right. This massive grey pitbull was moving way faster than we were, he was coming to the end of the property and turning onto the dirt road towards us.
I heard Lacey yell, "IS HE NICE??"
By now he was running towards me.
"OH GOD..."
He came right up to me.
"NITA, keep walking." Lacey yelled to me.
I tried to be brave.
He was running back and forth to me as I moved slowly forward.
My voice quivered "Hi there buddy, hi..."
The dog started licking me hands.
The owner was out now with her other 2 other dogs. She grabbed the pitbull and held onto him mentioning that he was just a puppy, 2 years old. I looked at her and said "Is it OK to run forward?"
As I looked at him it was so awkward, he must have gotten a little flirty as he was showing off a big old RED Rocket.
"Yes, You can run." she replied. And BOY DID WE!

As we picked off those last couple miles our pace picked up. It was silent, our thoughts merged without vocals. The unspoken plan. We spoke in incomplete sentences, enough disconnected words to know but not to many to waste our energy.

Distance:Total 21 Miles. We did a shake out. I.
Pace: 9:10
Ultimately very pleased with this run. There is something magical about SUNSHINE. It feels so good. Until a car flies by you kicking up a dust storm! But even then the Dust settles and your back in love again!

MILES RAN FROM MARATHON: 35.3. I remember my first marathon I couldn't walk for 2 weeks. It is incredible how much more I am capable of doing.
IF YOU WANT TO RUN, RUN. The only way to get better at running is to RUN. There is NOTHING like RUNNING.

"The Worst Enemy of GOOD is BETTER."


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