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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Trails Compared

Psalm 96:11-12
11 Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let the sea resound, and all that is in it.
12 Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.

It is tough to REJOICE when your eyes are stinging with sweat, when the bugs are attacking you like dead meat, and the trails are overgrown with flesh tearing picker bushes.
But in a whisper one of us would say how beautiful it was on the trails. The bull frogs were loud and proud in the swamp. We couldn't run very far before some critter danced out in front of you and if you didn't see it, you heard it in the foliage. The forest changed its face from piney and open to dense and over grown. Both sides of the coin were equally as lovely.
The bugs swarmed us but never bit us. We picked our poison; Eaten alive by black flies or die by 98% DEET bug spray. We chose bug spray.

I ran with Rachel and Kris out at Holly Rec. We did the Wildwood loop twice. The trails are not as technical as Holdridge but the elevation is more brutal.
I lead the first loop in hopes that I would learn the trail better.
Yeah, I remember 2 left turns and that is it. The trail is not marked great for the loop but the girls have a great sense of direction and I had them back in the front the second loop. The two loops put you at about 11 miles.  I had to add a little more mileage. Kris and I came out of the loop and ran across the parking lot to the Lakeside loop to get our mileage to 11 miles.
We came out of the trail underneath the piping hot sun and temperatures already in the 80's.
A water well is located in the middle of both the trails. The water came out cold and refreshing. Our body temperatures only stayed cool for seconds as the heat of the morning quickly heated you back up again.

This is a comparison to the 3 trails I run:
  1. Holdridge West if you do the technical loop is 5 miles. Elev Gain 97 Pace 14:25 (pace isn't average, I think I must have had lunch out on the trails with that pace.)
  2. Holdridge East is 15.9 miles but due to the switchback it usually only logs about 12 on my Garmin. The elevation is not as bad but it is much more technical than the other 2 trails. Elev Gain 387. Pace 12:49
  3. Holly Rec, The WILDWOOD loop has some pretty nasty elevation but it is not as technical. More straight ways and a lot of scenery change. Elev Gain 752. Pace 11:56
I will have to do a comparison adding Sorenson and Highland lakes. Both those trails are not as elevated or technical but still great trails.

SHOES: This girl needs new shoes. I had a gift certificate for coaching at Red Fox Outfitters. If you live near Fenton you have got to swing in their business.
They sell much more than just shoes.
  • camping gear
  • kayaks
  • hiking
  • running
  • great variety of clothing and accessories
  • Hammer nutrition
The location has been renovated from the old mill that sat vacant for years. It is awesome to see what a great job they did restoring it.
They are still working on building their inventory for shoes. I had a pair of New Balance trail shoes picked out but at the last minute switched to my New Balance Road shoes.
I usually wear Hokas for trails but this NB trail shoe, the Leadville, was like heaven around my feet. I will be back for those!
The kids I coach gave me a very generous gift card to Red Fox.

A LITTLE piece of me: I didn't feel so good today. I tried so hard to eat right. I made a wonderful brunch when I got home. I made the boys and I eggs, Bison steak, English Muffins, Boars Head Bacon and fresh fruit. I also made myself a protein smoothie. Together we sat on the deck enjoying the sun and each others company. I got all choked up as I prayed out loud over our food.
Here I sat, with 2 healthy boys, on a deck that was decorated with flowers and furniture. In front of me was a brunch that was simple but more than so many others would ever have. I sat there humbled by the gifts God has given this very undeserving girl. I have more than I ever thought I would have. I live a simple life, but it is what dreams are made of. God has blessed me so very much. Humbled by brunch.


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