"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Dream on: BoyWonder

My college son is home for the summer. He is a crazy Boy that Austin.
When he came home from college he had a couple goals.
  1. To "Get Lean" run over the summer, run a bit
  2. Work, A lot. 
He has been working a lot but the running, not so much. 
A few days ago I asked him if he would run "Wings of Mercy" 5k with me. I HATE 5K's. I never catch my breath, constantly feeling like I am going to keel over and die. 
He said "NO". 

I wasn't that surprised. But I am the continual optimist. I always keep a little HOPE in my pocket. 

It was a beautiful day to hit the trails. We had a huge group come out to play, about 8 of us. 

I had it in my mind that I was only running 2 loops, 12miles. 
Then I had a brain fart, I needed 3 loops. Mohican wasn't for another 10 days, not quite time to taper for my 50 miler. 

We were hitting our 6 miles (1 loops) at about an hour and 15 minutes. This is about our average.
With 2 miles to go, I heard my phone make its goofy "KERPLOP" sound notifying me that I had a message. 
I checked my Garmin and saw a message from Boy Wonder. 

"Guess what I am about to do?"
I responded "Do I dare ask? lol" 
The last time I asked this he was with his friend doing back flips off a 20ft bridge. 
I sent him a couple selfies and texted "Just finishing up my 18 miler"

And then I got this...
"I'm about to go run!! Two miles baby haha"

He finished it up saying he might just run that 5k with me!

I got home and Austin was laughing and telling me about his 2 miler. "MOM, I almost puked....I kept dry heaving..."

I love that kid. He doesn't doing anything mediocre. 

Run till you are dry heaving? 

The biggest risk we can take in life is NOT taking one! 
I smiled knowing Austin was trying to meet his goals. Austin is a meat heat. He hits the gym 7 days a week. He eats great and takes great care of himself. But running is out of the box for him. He used to run and was pretty good at it. 
He set goals.
He got uncomfortable. 
And he put one foot in front of itself. 

"The decisions we make control us much more than the conditions we meet"

Dream BIG, Dream small...But don't stop a DREAMING. 
Then make intentional efforts and choices to strive towards those dreams. 
And remember Don't let Others Kill Your Dreams. 

As a mom, I get so excited to watch my boys have goals, grit and get after it. I want them to work hard for greatness. Greatness isn't a destination, its a journey. 
Its not delivered, it is earned. 
It isn't material, it is interpersonal.


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