"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, January 28, 2016

January Favorites

January is a painstaking month. It is cold, dreary, and long. To help me get through the January blues I do what most woman do, I shop. Today I went into Target for just side dish bowls and walked out over 100$ later. Pier One, I went to "LOOK", 35$ later, I had a gift card! When I got home I had a box from Honey Stinger on my porch. More GOODIES!

Gift giving is one of my love languages, so often times I am buying something for someone else too. Today was no exeption, I have lots of sweethearts I have goodies for this Valentines Day.

I am posting some of my January Favorites that are getting me through this tumultuous month.

  1. My HONEYSTINGER LOOT. I am an ambassador for Honey Stinger. Their products are my favorite, they are GF and or Organic.
  2. Packing for Florida, I discovered this little gem for my toiletry bag. Neutrogena Body oil. This time of year my skin tends be dryer. I haven't used oil on my skin since I was a teen when I  lubed my body in Baby Oil and baked in the sun. I LOVE THIS. It is lighter and the sesame formula smell is subtle yet very feminine. My skin is so soft, makes me sad I am covering it all back up again.
  3. Before we moved, I had 2 Merrell Down and Dirty neck gaiters. They have not been located. Yesterday, I went out to Dunhams and purchased the Purple "BULA" brand one. I wanted it to run with Danielle this morning. Then afternoon my Honey Stinger gaiter came in the mail. SO lets see how long I have these before they disappear. I love these for running in cold temps. They actually do multiple things.
  4. Due to increase crunches and sit ups my poor skin on my tail bone continues to get abused. I purchased a Medicine ball. As soon as it was blown up, all the boys started to play on it. Boys and balls, they never grow out of them, no pun intended!
    No more butt scabs!
  5. PLAYLIST: "Roses" (Feat.ROZES) The CHAINSMOKERS/ Twenty one Pilots "Stressed out" 
  6. Favorite snack, Nosa Blueberry yogurt with homemade granola.

Distance: 8 miles
Pace: 9.00
Danielle texted me before I left the house "I am not feeling 100% today, you ok running with a slow poke."
Danielle picked a hilly route. I mentioned I needed to be training hills, Well we did today! We gutted it out. We only stopped once, and it wasn't near a hill.

Any one sore from doing their crunches/situps? I'm about to put myself in the hurt locker, 6 pack challenge. I'm going to go make out with my new Medicine ball!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I headed to my favorite treadmill. The one all the way on the end, the old ones that have a fan and a "Track" setting. God I love that fan. I set my Runners World magazine in one cubbie and my water and phone in the other.
My plan initially was to hit the TM at about a 8:15 pace and ride it in. But this old bird needs a warm up.
No sooner than I started, I saw Jeff making his way over to the TM's.
I waved at him and gave him a goofy sideways "Peace" symbol. "Whats Up JEFF?!"
"You are on the TM this morning?"
Trying not to be a smart a$$ I replied, "YUP"
He joined me one the vacant one. He is a bit of a germ-a-phobe. It took him 5 minutes to clean the thing down and even lomger to get situated. I was slowly walking on the TM waiting for him.
"Good grief Jeff, Just get on it already!"

He started out mouthy and full of it, I should have seen it coming. I could hardly run he had me cracking up. Jeff is a quirky character. He is 60 something years old and acts like a big kid. He doesn't take me serious, until he has to take me serious. And he doesn't take himself serious until he is serious. He doesn't compete or compare with me, he is honest with me. The kind of honest that he knows I respect, not the kind of honest that he is pumping sunshine up my butt. He is very wise when it comes to running so I take everything he says with a lot of value.
Jeff is the only safe male that I can have in my inner circle without people questioning my relationship with. Or making accusations.

Jeff was doing a progressive run.
"Hmm, sounds like a good idea, me too." I thought.
I did my first mile at a sub 9min/mi. Conversational pace with my incline at 1%.
Second mile, I hit the button 3 times, to pick it up a notch, still maintaining a conversational pace.
Then my TM quit. "UGH" I cried loudly. I forgot to set the timer and the TM stopped.

I quickly punched in my digits and started it back up. The TM felt good, My body felt good. I got a good night sleep, finally. I am not sure if it was the Melatonin or the big swig of NYQUILL. I was desperate for a full night of sleep.

I watched Jeff  punching the buttons every lap. My pace was at a 8:15. I was keeping it steady. He had 5 laps to go and was sweating so bad he actually looked like he got out of spin class.
He is not shy at looking at my numbers. He peaked over.
"At 4 laps I am going to just have to quit talking."  Jeff said.
"Sounds good, I will too, I will put my music in and GO!" I replied then added "EWWW Jeff, you are sweating.."
"ANITA, THIS IS TENACITY!" Pulling his soaked shirt out, he then pointed at my dry tank top and said "THAT IS PUFFY!" That was his way of saying my shirt was dry and still fluffy.
"OK..OK..I see how this is!" I laughed.
At that point his TM hit his "Time to get SERIOUS" lap. He punched his pace up again. I gave him my best version of the "EVIL EYE" and said, "OH YEAH, TIT FOR TAT!!" And I punched the pace up on my TM and turned the volume WAY up on my IPOD.
I still had over 2 miles to go.
As I looked forward and got serious I started adding up what my pace would end up as if I increased my pace every time he did. "OH CRAP!"
He hit the speed button, and looked at me. I hit the speed button. Neither one of us spoke. We got into such a rhythm that we were both running with the same stride.
And again, TIT FOR TAT. I had a mile and a half and I was at a sub 8 min/mi.
Jeff saw me turning it up and laughed.
"Let's go NITA" This is good for you I convinced myself. Nothing was hurting and I was gonna finish this out come HELL Or HIGH WATER. It was ON!
Bam, I heard the "BEEP". He hit the button again. "AHH!" I cried out loud. He looked at me laughing, "I have one more lap!'
"I have more than a mile still."
He finished and looked at my pace. 7:24. 
I threw him my water bottle and asked him to open it for me. My mouth was dry and my gum was as hard as a rock.
My song came on by S.O.B, as he was unscrewing the cap, I sang really loud "GET ME DRINNK!" He started laughing at my terrible singing.
I took a swig getting water everywhere and handed it back to him. I knew people were looking at us but I didn't care.
"Concentrate" he said. I continued to pick up the pace, focusing again.
Jeff handed me the water bottle on the last half mile. I took a quick guzzle. I laughed as I was dripping with more water on me than I had swallowed. I flicked my wet hands at Jeff, laughing.
The laughing felt good. It helped me drive it in.
My last 400m I kept cranking up the pace finishing strong at a sub 7min/mi.
I could see him watching, this really helped encourage me to finish strong, out of breath and sweating.
I had a good run, but even as strong as my run was and as much as I was sweating I still didn't get the same "BREAK THROUGH SWEAT" Jeff had! Thank God, because that is just NASTY!

I still had some fuel in the tank. We finished up with a cool down lap then did legs.
Distance: 7 miles
Pace: 8:00
Time: 56min

I am still doing my crunches/sit ups almost every night. I did 200 tonight. Who else is on this kick with me. I know Michelle B is doing them now. WTG MICHELLE,

Vegan Protein smoothie

Chillis, with a my girlfriend Holly, It was a Mexican rice and steak bowl,
Fish Tacos, cilantro slaw with rice and homemade healthy Bluebery muffins.

Remember winter running is great for spring races. What are you training for? How's your diet? And whos doing those crunches with me?


Monday, January 25, 2016

Your Weakest link.

"The Lord is my Strength and my Song; He has become my Salvation." Psalm 118:14

My morning, I was desperately trying to put one foot in front of the other. If this was any indication of how the rest of my day was going to go I should just go back to bed and start all over again I thought.
And that is EXACTLY what I did.
I didn't sleep all night and that was with me taking my melatonin. I tossed and turned, I played games on my phone, I prayed and I begged. I kicked the blankets off, then buried myself in them. It was terrible. I thought Andy was going to kick my out.
I went back to bed and dozed off for about a hour and a half. There was a day I would have felt so guilty for going back to bed. But when you cant even finish your coffee you know you have a problem.

Today is day my third day running. I thought for sure I was going to have a crappy run. I didn't know if my body would carry me or if I would be carrying my body home.

I began coaching my mind early. HILLS, lots and lots of HILLS. I told myself it was going to hurt but I was going to run them till my soles fell off.

I ran 6 miles of hills. I had picked up some "Vitatops"for mom and I at Krogers. Mom lives in a very hilly community, I decided I would just "Run" them to her house.  I kept a steady pace and just ran the biggest hills over and over and over again. That awful hill by my house I ran 4 times I looked at my watch and felt great at 5 miles so I decided I would run another mile, hitting that big one by my house ONE more time.
I looked twice at my watch, "How could this be?"
The Plan: I was going to run hills at a pace that didn't break records but was just steady and no stopping.
My body wanted to go another mile but time didn't allow for that. I felt so strong and my pace was shocking.

Distance: 6:18
Pace: 8:14
Time: 50:52

Collision: In one day I felt my weakest and my strongest.
In my weakest position I felt so vulnerable. It was like looking into a dark room,  I couldn't see what was inside, I had no idea at that point what I should be doing. I decided not to go IN. I folded my cards and accepted my weakness reminding myself that I am struggling with some health issues and I need to listen to my body.
Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards.
WOULD I have had such a great run had I not listened to my body and took a nap?
Its hard to say, but I am guessing NOT.
But even at my strongest point I had to think about my weakest link. My MIND.
Why cant I fight the mental demons the way I fought through the pain of hills? I struggle with the craziest thoughts finding me in places I shouldn't be camping out, let alone visiting.
Everyday I find myself able to conquering mountains, but my thoughts are my biggest disaster.
Today, I was reminded that GOD supplies my Strength and He gives Strength when I am weak. I just have to be STILL and Know that HE is God, I am nothing.

You are what you EAT:
Organic bison bites, Fresh egg (Whites) and D'Anjou pear. Organic Tart Cherry Juice
Juice Plus.
Dinner: Chicken cordon bleu, Asparagus, rice 
I enjoy cooking. I love making my own sauces and roux's. Dinner was a little heavy, but I do everything in moderation.
I ate more through out the day, I am a grazer.

This year I decided I would get back into online run  journaling. I have been doing really good at logging my runs into Garmin Connect. And I love it.I still keep at paper calendar.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

2 MILE BONUS!! AIRHEAD move #3645

I stepped out of my box Saturday and sent Lacey a text to see if she wanted to run when I got of work.
The last time I ran on a Saturday after work was a run on the Polly Ann trail with Lacey.  My legs were swollen after being on my feet for two days making our 19 mile run torturous.

I didn't even look at my legs when I slipped out of my heels. I didn't have time to look, I got home at 4:10 and Lacey was going to be over at 4:30. I was still layering up when she arrived, early! We both struggle with a little ADD, I was struggling focusing with her chatting in my ear and me trying to remember what I was wearing.  I think we got out of the house closer to 4:45.
We just needed to get a few miles in.
I told Lacey how I was pacing JOAN for her first marathon at the Martian, but if I didn't kick my training up SHE was going to be pacing me!
4 miles. It was great. The first 2 were slow, the 2nd two were sub 8 and hilly. We both knew we needed to hurt a little. It was a welcomed burn. I was very grateful to Lacey for pushing me and running with me. As we came up the last hill to my house Lacey says "COME ON, All the way to the sign!" And we punched it into gear.

I know I need to add miles and add another day. My training plan requires me running 6 days a week. I am not sure I can make that happen and NOT have my family trade me in for a new model.
I can manage 5 day though.
"..you will need to commit to at least 5 days of consistent training for a minimum of 14 weeks."

SUNDAY. Sundays have really become my "Long Run with Lacey Day" now for a while. I look forward to this day. It is the only day that Lacey can really treat herself to, making this a treat for me too.
I ran over 2 miles to her house and together we ran over 11. I thought I only ran 14 miles today, but after looking at my Garmin I had a 2 mile BONUS. I clearly can't think and run. I ran 16 miles today and felt awesome. I have NO idea how I miscalculated 2 miles, other than me just being an airhead.
The last 2 miles my training program has me actually running at a threshold pace. I was able to run them at a sub 8 through hills with pure JOY!

It is the greatest feeling in the world when you think "HOW THE HECK I AM GOING TO DO THAT."
I know I just have to get reunited with the burn, the burning lungs, the burning legs, the burn that drives you past mediocre.
Intensity. I have to WANT it so bad that the temporary pain is nothing compared the Glory of going not TO pain but THROUGH the pain to the passion. The passion that achieves goals, dreams and that puts you beyond your comfort zone.

I am closing out my week with only 31 miles. But I am happy with them all.
I did over 500 crunches this week. My butt scab finally fell off!

I am Grateful for every mile God has given me.

Pace: 8:58
Time: 2:23
Great run with Lacey, Over heated, dropped a layer off at Laceys. Ran with no water or nutrition. NOT real brilliant.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

What Hal says about..SIT UPS

Hal Koegner discussed core work in his section "Training"

1. Selective Weight Training: Low weight/high reps
"helps build the strength you need out on the course, without building bulk."

2. Targeted Core Work: Specifically ab work
"will go a long way toward preventing injuries and supporting a strong, healthy posture."

Hal tries to do 100-200 crunches EVERYDAY.

SO CRUNCHES have been my intentional training regimen. My abs have been sore now for 3 days. I have a butt scab that wont go away. I had to modify my crunches at home because the friction was stinging so bad. This actually was brilliant making me work my oblique's more. Not that it felt brilliant but HEY, If I can get a six pack by the summer at 42 years old I will be happy!

Indian Springs Metropark
The trails are cleared off making this a beautiful and peaceful run. Ran with Danielle. Perfect winter weather, no wind, soft snow, 17 degrees.
Distance: 8.02 miles.
Pace: 8:27
Good progressive run the last 5 miles. We were not chatting too much at this point!

Whos doing Crunches with me???


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The BUGS are Crawling all over me: Addiction.

The first time I heard this song, I wanted to hear it again, and again and again. Tears flooded my eyes at the same time a grin stretched across my face. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I just did both.

The language might be too much for some to bear but not for one that grew up with these words on a daily basis. Please Forgive me as I didn't take any of the vulgarities out.

I'm not Glorifying this song anymore than I am the glorifying going through the ugly scene of addiction. This was a day in the life of me.
The link is under the title for the video.


I'm gonna need someone to help me
I'm gonna need somebody's hand
I'm gonna need someone to hold me down
I'm gonna need someone to care
I'm gonna writhe and shake my body
I'll start pulling out my hair
I'm going to cover myself with
The ashes of you and nobody's gonna give a damn
Son of a bitch
Give me a drink
Won't more night
This can't be me
Son of a bitch
If I can't get clean
I'm gonna drink my life away
Oh oh
Oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh
Oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Now for seventeen years I've been throwing them back
Seventeen more will bury me

Can somebody please just tie me down
Or somebody give me a goddamn drink
Son of a bitch
Give me a drink
Won't more night
This can't be me
Son of a bitch
If I can't get clean
I'm gonna drink my life away
Mhm, mhm
Mhm, mhm, mhm, mhm
Mhm, mhm
Mhm, mhm, mhm, mhm
My heart was breaking, hands are shaking, bugs are crawling all over me
My heart was breaking, hands are shaking, bugs are crawling all over me
My heart was breaking, hands are shaking, bugs are crawling all over me
My heart was breaking, hands are shaking, bugs are crawling all over me
Son of a bitch
Give me a drink
Won't more night
This can't be me
Son of a bitch
If I can't get clean
I'm gonna drink my life away
Son of a bitch
Give me a drink
Son of a bitch
This can't be me
Son of a bitch
If I can't get clean
I'm gonna drink my life away
Oh oh
Oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh

We had over a 2 hour drive to Orlando when I was in Florida with my brother. My brother and I are close, however, we never talk about our past. My brother doesn't like to relive it. But somedays I just want him to fill in the blanks for me.
I pulled my Ipod out and with apprehension and told my brother I had a song I wanted him to hear. I just needed him to hear it, I wanted to know if it felt the same to him to hear the lyrics as it did me.
He grabbed the AUX chord and plugged it in.
The clapping and humming came through the speakers. Bobby looked ahead trying to figure out what I was asking him to listen to.
I saw a smirk come across his face.
He was totally engaged. He played it again and again.
Bobbys hands went up in the air the way we would see moms hands shaking. He was singing LOUD "BUGS are CRAWLING ALL OVER ME!"
 Leeanne asked "Bugs?"
BOBBY replied Matter of Factly "BUGS are crawling all over me, The DT's." He went on to explain how grandma made him go visit Uncle Danny in the hospital as he was detoxing and going through some pretty serious hallucinations. Just another day in the life of being a Murdock.
If it wasn't mom it was an uncle and it was a bad week when it was all of them.
My mom would be out of money, out of cigarettes, out of pills and booze. But she wouldn't be out of lungs as she would SCREAM "SON of a B**** GET ME A DRINK!"
I would scrape together all the babysitting money I had and take a letter to the party store to get her a "JUMBO" and a pack of cigarettes.
I often wonder what they thought with a 13 year old kid walking to the store to get her mom booze.
My mother would be screaming nonsense. Talking to people that weren't there. Crawling across the floor with no dignity or shame in a tattered nightgown.
She would scrape at her skin and pull on her hair.

The phones were disconnected and there was no one to call. I knew that 40oz malt liquor would be gone in seconds, then I was in for another long night of chaos.

BOBBY sang LOUDER "I'm gonna drink my LIFE AWAY!"
I looked at my brother the way I did when I was just a kid. My big brother, as big as he was it still hurt him. As big as he was, he was still little in the big scheme of addiction. As big as my brother was to me Addiction was bigger then even he was and bigger than all of us together.
He left at 15 for Florida.
Here we sat in the truck bonding over these lyrics. I sat in the backseat reading the words off my phone as Bobby sang loud and laughing.
There is nothing funny about loosing your parents to addiction.
The Laughter was just a release, a bonding moment, a moment of remembering where we came from. The words, the beat, the tone of the song couldn't have described our life growing up anymore spot on.
Not a DAY goes by that I don't miss my mother. I would even go back to holding my mother in my arms as she screamed crazy I miss her so much.
But she knew as I knew The Bottle was too much for her to fight. It was going to be her undertaker. I think we all knew.
Always my Big Brother.

Please don't judge me. I hope you can hear my heart.
Addiction isn't just a bad habit. It is bigger than most, it isn't prejudice, it never quits fighting for you. Addiction romances you, lies to you, loves you and kills you with no regrets. It takes mothers and father from children, Children from parents, it breaks marriages, tears families and leaves a trail of destruction that haunts families for years and generations.  

"Amazing Grace how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me."
I once was lost but know I am found.
Was blind but now I see.."


Monday, January 18, 2016

Training with Fear.

"For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a Spirit of power." 2 Timothy 1:7

My first winter run was a rude awakening and a great reminder of what a WUSS I am.

First of all, putting my Yak Traxx on is a job in itself. And for this airhead, 9 times out of 10 I put them on inside out. I am usually having internal dialogue complaining about how I can't get any traction, just to discover the spikes are deep inside my sole.. not the snow!
I then am finding myself bent over the road trying to put the rubber back on my shoe properly as it usually pops off sometime in my run. This recovery requires my hands to come out of my gloves to grab the rubber straps properly. GRRR..Or BRR because now my boney little fingers are frozen and I am having a dialogue all together different, cursing mother nature and Michigan winters.

So for my run this morning it was a WELCOMED TREADMILL RUN! I was up at 6am and out the door by 7:15.
10 miles.
100 sit ups w/10lb ball
stretch roll,18 cold plunge


Saturday April 9th. Martian Marathon Dearborn.

This year, I wanted to try some new races and travel to some new places. Michelle B. does this marathon every year.
Joan F. wanted to run her first marathon and I told her I would pace her for her first. I am so excited to run alongside her. And really stoked to run with the Martians! Danielle and Lacey were talking about doing the half down there and making it a girls nite.

Sunday May 15. Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Ohio

This is going to be a WHIRLWIND. I am coming home from Washington DC that Saturday with Alec. It is his 8th grade trip. I will have to turn around and get back in the car to head to Ohio.
Lacey and I have a hotel room Saturday. This Race is described as one of the oldest and fastest. Should be fun, the logo looks similar to Woodstock. It has a hippie like theme. I am thinking I may have to start looking for something psychedelic to wear!

Sunday October 2. CloudSpitter 50M Kentucky/Alabama

So Andy actually signed me up for the 100K. I just didn't feel comfortable running this race for my first 100k. The course is described at technical with 7000 ft of elevation. I have read several reviews on it and chickened out on the extra 12 miles. If I had someone pacing me with more experience I would be more comfortable. But with my lack of experience, poor navigation skills and  airhead running I don't think it too wise. I am nervous and excited about this adventure. Running through the heart of Appalacia is going to be an experience like no other. I am so scared. I wanted to cancel it all together, but I am going after it, God help me!

The Mystery 100k. I have no idea when I will tackle this. I have been looking for an ultra for a while now. I may just end up doing WOODSTOCK 100k. I love this race. It is local. I know the route and know several runners who do it. I am hoping since Fritz has talked me into this he will be running along side me if I pick this one. I am open to suggestions on a 100K.

"But Ultras are far, far less predictable and they are all you: your faculties, your body, your strength, you on the line."
Hal Koerner
I am almost finished with HAL KOERNER'S Field Guide to ULTRARUNNING. Several times I felt my heart double dutch out of my chest. I was overcome by FEAR when HAL says he has run across SEVERAL bear but none of them bothered him! Was that supposed to make me feel better? I had to put the book down when he said he got lost and most of the time you have NO GPS. I am doomed!! I will be running in the dark, in the mountains, with no GPS. It was almost too much. Seriously, I cant even put my Yak Traxx on correct, how am I going to navigate myself through the Pine Mountains?
I am going to do this on FAITH. God will direct my path. I just need to train and prepare. And PRAY!

I was grocery shopping today and went to purchase some Granola. I picked it up and put it down. I can make this and it will be fresh and organic. It only takes about 30 minutes from beginning to end!

Maple Granola
2 1/2 cups oats
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1/2 cup sliced almonds
1/3 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup maple syrup
(I have also made it with Agave nectar and Honey)
Mix together, spread onto a cookie sheet or Stone ware. Bake at 350' for 25-30 minutes. Flip the granola every 10 minutes to get it cooked evenly. It is up to you how brown you like it.

You can use Canola oil but Coconut oil is refined and has a less distinct coconut flavor. The smoke point of WILDTREES Coconut oil is 350', making it a GREAT baking substitution.

 A Teaspoon of Coconut oil is great in a cup of coffee with a half of cup of FRESH Granola and berries!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Magic isnt GONE YET!

When the magic is gone. Is that to be confused with "When the Romance is gone?"
My magical weekend of running through Disney may be a distant memory, however, I still think I have some romance left in me.

It is hard to go from palm trees to pine trees and 12 degrees.
It is hard to find that loving feeling when your face is getting ripped off by wind gusts carrying tiny slivers of snow and ice.
It is hard to fall in love with 4 layers of clothing and running tights that make you look like a hooker.

But when you are running next to your running partner catching up on life, laughing through your mid-life chaos your winter annoyances begin to dissolve.
The love flares up again.
You begin training for your next big adventure.
The spark is there.
Your flame is still lit.

Running is like everything else in life, if you don't entertain it, romance it, keep it exciting, the flame burns out.
You gotta stoke the flames to keep the passion burning!

Distance: 4.29

I ran with Lacey. I was so uncomfortable running in all my layers. That only lasted for about a half a mile! I didn't notice the bulges anymore only the warmth and protection from the January chill.  My running tights were so tight, also resting on my waist, a major issues for me, I thought my guts were going to squeeze out. (Slightly exaggerating) I felt like Olivia Newton John in her HOT PANTS from Grease. I wear these particular ones because they are made for sub 0 temps. Lacey was running behind me and even laughed "THOSE are SOO TIGHT!"
I laughed thinking, I wouldn't want to stand at the street corner too long in these, best to KEEP RUNNING.

The DISNEY EXPO was AWESOME! Bring lots of MONEY if you are going. The average shirt costs 35$, Disney Stickers are 8$! They had running shoes for over 200$!
Needless to say, I enjoyed my shirts I received for racing, I didn't purchase anymore. The best $$ I spent at the expo was on  CAPS for my Nathan hand held bottle, $7. The BEST water bottle in the world, my sister in law gave me. My Favorite, it was like hitting the power ball for me. (Ok, another slight exaggeration)
BUT the BIGGER gift was waiting at home for me. NEW TRAIL Running SHOES! I had been doing some investigating for months. I read several reviews on the Pearl Izumi. I normally run in HOKAS but you know us girls and our shoes, more more more!

The bummer is, it is like having a piece of chocolate cake in front of you and being told "YOU CAN'T EAT THAT!" I have wait for a trail run to try them out.

Souvenirs and Tips for Running Disney: This is a special section for Dawn M. and her running Posse going to Disney next month for The Princess Half! Have Fun Ladies!
  1. Packing MORE is NOT better. I only packed a Carry on. I NEVER wore the 4 pairs of shorts or the 2 bikinis! You will want the extra space for souvenirs!
  2. READ the DISNEY BROUCHURE! ALL of it. They have coupons and discounts for runners inside you can use after your run at the shops in Downtown Disney.
  3. DON'T TRUST the WEATHER, it seriously changed a gazillion times. I was prepared for 80' weather. I panicked so bad I bought a 15$ bottle of HAMMER ENDUROLYTES EXTREME to help replace electrolytes. Florida weather then went to storms, where I purchased a hat at the expo to keep the rain out of my eyes. It NEVER RAINED let alone stormed and the high was 70! Be prepared but don't trust the weather until the night before.
  4. Get to bed early, 2:30am comes EARLY!
  5. Bring food with you if you are catching the Disney shuttle. You will have time to eat it. One lady actually gave me a bag of Sport Beans because she brought so much with her.
  6. DRINK WATER, bring it with you, you will have PLENTY of time to use the bathroom.
  7. If you are running with your phone remember to keep you LIGHT WAY down.  This saves your battery for when you want that EPIC picture with a Character or you see a great poster or costume. I had so much fun taking pictures the whole race. Also bring a rain poncho or a garbage bag in case it rains while your in your corral.  
  8. BRING Ziplock bags to protect your phone incase it rains.
  9. Bring garbage bags to keep you insulated in the morning, it can be as low as 50'. Also bring a towel to sit on during your wait in your corral. If you were like me and forgot to submit your time and end up on the last corral you have an HOUR to wait. Save your legs.
  10. BRING your SMILE. CHILL out, its a FUN RUN. Have FUN, Give some HIGH FIVES, and don't be so serious about your time as you should be about having some SERIOUS FUN!

My training for my spring races has begun. NO pause, no breaks. Disney was my Official start for training.
I will share my thoughts on Spring Races Tomorrow. I am shutting down to play some mindless games of Word with Friends and Hearts. Night~

Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Big Goofy Challenge 2016 Recap

LODGING: My brother,sister in law and I stayed on Disney grounds at Port Orleans.
I was running this race with my Sister in Law, Leeanne. Leeannes Goal: 2:10. This worked great for me also to keep me scaled back before my Marathon on Sunday.

My BIGGEST PRERACE blunder was not submitting my documentation for my marathon time.
The RESULT: LAST CORRAL for BOTH RACES! This was the FIRST reminder that this was a FUN RUN!
ALARM: 2:30 am
ARRIVED at Disney with smiles and excitement. Disney really is where dreams come true. It was seriously like you entered Never Never land. NEVER again would I see so many people smiling as they were about to run 13.1 miles. ONLY DISNEY could make you smile and not Puke or Poop your pants!
With over an hour before we ran, Leeanne and I headed to the lines to get out picture taking with the characters. Wouldn't you know, I dropped my phone face down one the asphalt, CRACK! Everyone around us just stared at the phone. My phone was shattered! "OH Well, We were in Disney, smile and move on!"
It was like playing Frogger, trying to navigate between interval runners, walkers, and in exuberant  amount of Disney Half Marathoners, 21,000!
We ran, stopped, bobbed, weaved, tripped, and just ran smack into people!
The ONE thing you have to remember is "IT IS DISNEY". This was a FUN RUN! Not to get bent out of shape when someone spit lugeys on you or when walkers hung out in their posse 3 people across.
I just cheered and laughed more. I was cutting up with the crowds and the runners. I threw my hands up in defeat of having a smooth run with even splits. Each mile was unpredictable when trying to maintain a pace.
Leeanne and I took turns in the lead. When I hyped the spectators I would just wave my hand  for her to go ahead. I tried to regain the lead so I could attempt to pace her.
At Mile 10 Leeanne was tuckering out. It was all the dancing around runners that put a toll on you. We had already added almost a half a mile. You couldn't cut the corners tight and you were forced to run on the grass.
People were beginning to get sweaty and smelly. At one point I yelled "TO THE GUY WEARING COLOGNE, THANK YOU, YOU SMELL AWESOME!" I wanted to run behind him all the way in!
I asked Leeanne if she had taken any nutrition, she wasn't. I was feeding her beans and grabbing her water.
I heard a guy talking to her about me. She was telling him how great I was. My heart was full. "Awe Shucks!"
2 miles to go and we had a couple good size hills to conquer. "I'm done!" Leeanne winced. I responded, "You want some beans?"
"NO" she said very matter of fact.
"Leeanne, I will kick your A$$ if you quit on me at this point!"
Leanne actually stayed with me, we picked it up the best we could.
The Finish crowds were ROARING. I looked to the left and found BOBBY! My brother! I smiled and showed Leeanne.
Looking at the Finish we ran TOGETHER with our Hands up and all SMILES!

Bob asked how they would find me for the Marathon. Leeanne  laughed "OH YOU'LL HEAR HER!"
FINISH TIME: 2:11:45
OVERALL PLACE: 3499- I'm NOT kidding you when I tell you we passed Hundreds of runners.



I took a lot of noise from my running friends about running in a custume. Mostly from MEN, Andy, Jeff, Bill and even after I ran from Matt.

One is not too old to still be able to run in a MINNIE SKIRT. I would never wear a mini skirt at this point in my life..Unless you add polka dots and tulle!  I have to say Lacey did a fabulous job. I actually felt sexy running in it. There is nothing SEXY about running.
The same digits for the Half marathon held true for the FULL Marathon.
From the moment I got on the shuttle I was making friends. I was actually sitting next to this guy from Canton Michigan!
When we got into the Disney gathering area we separated. I had to use the Port a johns. This lady stood in line behind me and feeling sorry for my shivering body offered me a garbage bag to block the wind. I was so grateful.
I took it off only briefly to get some pictures with the characters before taking the 15 minute walk to my CORRAL...THE LAST CORRAL!
Getting gutsy I decided to jump the gate and get into the "O" corral rather then the "P" one. Real brave! lol
It was 69 degrees with 100% HUMIDITY. I was no longer wearing my garbage bag.
"You look TOO nice to be running!"
I looked around for who said it. Not totally understanding what she meant I said "OH! You look really nice to be running too!" A few people started laughing and asking if they too looked like nice people!
What she meant was my outfit looked too nice to RUN IN!
With almost an hour to wait I sat down on the asphalt and the two gals sat down with me. Jen and Stacey. I know this now because as we sat I professed Christ and somehow told them I had a blog. They located me this week, saying how God led them to me. It was no mistake I jumped that corral. God uses you where ever you are. I have said it before and I will say it again. YOU ARE A WALKING BILLBOARD. What are you advertising about yourself?

Our Corral was next to go when the announcers said "How many of you are first time marathoners?" I swear it seemed like the ENTIRE CORRAL went crazy!
"OH JEESH, I am never going to get going!"
The announcers also said "HEY, REMEMBER, when you are wanting to quit or are in pain, SMILE it will make it all go away!"
I thought "HMM, I think I will try that!


I tried, REALLY tried to get an even pace going. I passed HUNDREDS of people. I passed a blind runner, 2 runners in BOOTS..from a broken foot, 2 Veterans carrying flags, the 5:30 pacing team, a wheeler and 2 runners with prosthetic legs.
I ran through the CASTLE, which I hadn't done with Leeanne, it was so conjested to had to walk through it.
I also took a lot of pictures, chatted with runners, hyped the crowds, and had fun!
One other thing I took..My Tank top off at mile 3! I was sweating, eveyrone was sweating. I was desperately trying to NOT touch anyone or have anyone touch me, sweat is NASTY!
I stopped for a picture at "The TREE of LIFE." It was here that I noticed a text from LEEANNE. "We are at mile 12." I was pouting, with my tank in my hand, I missed them. But as I was coming to 13 I saw them! I was so happy to see my very own "TEAM HARLESS" there cheering me on. They both had the biggest smiles. I was sweating so bad I didn't want to touch them, I threw them my shirt and smiled for a picture, I was SOO HAPPY!
TIME: 2:06

My body really wasn't hurting, It just wanted to get into a rythym. All the stop and going makes your body want to stay in pause. It is really hard to get moving.

I was getting into a good group of runners, allowing me to run more predictable. I was still passing runners. It makes you feel like a beast when you are passing swarms of runners. I would keep trying to pick a guy and stay with him but then I found myself passing him.
I got to run through ESPN's Wide World of Sports, this included running on the baseball diamonds and running on the track!
I also got to run through Animal Kingdom where they had some of the animals out.
I saw several charcters with lines to get pictures with them.
The closer to mile 22 the shorter the lines. I wanted a picture with Mickey but never saw him or did I?
I was starting to loose it.
I was beginning to get confused. The wind picked up giving me a break from the humidity. The weather had taken its toll as I saw the ambulance making its way to a runner. I prayed for them.
The hydration stations slowed me down, but I didn't miss one. I was even drinking Gatorade. I wasn't thirsty or cramping but I wasn't going to chance it either.
My body was strong but I just couldn't get my pace up, as soon as I found my groove we had multiple curves with swarms of people walking. The last 4 miles, runners were burning out. The humidity, the curves, the hills, I just kept passing people. I so badly wanted to break 4 hours. I passed runners that I couldn't catch up too just a couple miles back.
At mile 24,  I knew I was going to be close but not close enough.
I actually skipped that water station to try and pick it up.
I saw a couple guys who had passed me, they saw me pass them as they picked it up. I looked at the guy next to me who did NOT want me to pass him and said "TAKE IT IN! GO!"
He took off like it was the FINISH LINE. Needless to say I passed him at mile 25.
I couldn't believe how my body had held up so good as I saw the FINISH LINE. I WAS SO GRATEFUL.
Here I was finish a marathon where DREAMS COME true. I remembered as I crossed the FINISH LINE, This was once a DREAM, To run the half marathon and the full Marathon. Now It was a DREAM COME TRUE.

TIME: 4:04:28
OverALL Place:1276
Div Place:42
Females runners: 10315
Male Runners: 9523
Monday: 3 hour drive to Airport, arrived early, great flight, made another dozen friends and even watched some guys bags while he went to the bathroom. What was I thinking. I gave my seat to a dad and a daughter, stored this ladies bags under my seat, and shared my food with the guy in front of me. I think I need help. CODEPENDENT to say the least.
Tuesday : WORK, Sons Basketball
Wednesday: Genesys, Ran 2 miles, Legs, Abs
Thursday: CLEANED house..My poor house took a HIT this pass week. Ran 4.5 miles outside and it was AWESOME!!

RUN DISNEY! I would totally do that again. Michelle Bemis  it the WINNER guessing CLOSEST to my TIME! She knew from EXPERIENCE how I would run! WTG GIRL!

I am posting this and adding pictures tonight.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Give up Give up

I BEAT my ODDS! As I put my "LUCKY SOCKS" This morning we had a great laugh noticing I had 2 right socks that said "GIVE UP" rather than 1 NEVER and 1 GIVE UP.
Leeanne quickly said "That's an OMEN, you cant wear those!"
I was bound to OVER COME THE ODDS that had me quitting!
So excited to pass the 3 HOUR Half Marathoners.

Leeannne and I were in the last corral starting an hour after the first corral. We started so late that the FINISHERS were coming in as we were beginning!

I am tuckered out and need to get up at 2:30am. I don't have much energy to type so I will share in PICTURES.

SO FUN! The  Chipendales

no idea who he was but there was NO line!
 So other than not being able to maintain a pace due to the 19,000 runners our time was 2:11;46.  I was trying to keep her pace at a 9:30 pace but under the conditions Leeanne was not real happy.
NOTEL DISNEY is NOT a Race to TAKE serious! 

I feel pretty GOOD. Lets see How tomorrow GOES!  I am Hoping for a sub 4! Remember that if your looking for some Disney Souvenirs take a GUESS at my Marathon TIME!

Friday, January 8, 2016

It was EPIC! Look who we RAN into.

"It's 8:05 and we are in bed, this is so pathetic!" Leeanne laughed.
We have the alarm set for 2:30am, for our 5:30am Half Marathon.

We had an "Epic" day.
We arrived at the Expo laughing and excited.
Being my regular "Goofy" self I was taking it all in and letting a lot out.

As we began walking into the expo Bob and Leeanne looked  oddly at me as I greeted this guy coming towards us. "HEY BART!" I shouted. He gave me a hug as I introduced him to my brother and sister in law. It was Bart Yasso! I am sure he was being polite when he asked what race we were doing. When Leeanne told him I was running the Goofy Challenge he replied "She is Goofy!" 

Inside the expo we purchased our bibs and some little goodies, I purchased some souvenir's for the person who guesses closest to my Marathon time on Sunday.

As if seeing Bart Yasso wasn't enough, we also saw Jeff Galloway!

SO much fun. So Tired. and I need to get up so EARLY.

I will be running in 61 degree weather with 99% humidity! I am feeling better. still nasally but we will just have to wait and see.

The computer light is bothering my brother along with me "Stroking the keys". So Night all, I will touch base after 13.1 miles in the morning.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Effort: That was the word Jeff gave me this morning at the gym.
It was the first time I had ran since New years day, and if you saw the picture I posted you could tell how sick I was. Melissa one of my clients, and runner, said she couldn't believe that I posted that picture but appreciated my honesty. I looked TERRIBLE!
That was the beginning of the end. I was sicker than snot.
I have this habit of getting sick right before a big race. Despite all the measures that I take my body is just toast. Training for a marathon is NOT for the weak.
And I mean TRAINING.
EFFORT: Hard work, sweat, no cheating, long runs, painful runs, painful weeks. Runs where you question what the "H" you are doing. Sacrifice.
The back of Jeffs shirt looked like MICKEY MOUSE!


As Jeff and I ran an easy 4.5 miles around the track I confessed my concerns.
CONCERN 1) SICK. A weak of uselessness. I lost weight when I should have been gaining weight. Jeff actually called me a waft. I had to look that one up.
WAFT: NOUN; Breath, puff, whiff, a slight breeze

CONCERN 2) 77' degrees weather in Florida. Great bikini weather but a total crap shoot to race in. Last time I ran the Disney half marathon it was record LOWS, 30's! Now its the total opposite! EFFORT: I am going to give it a valiantly EFFORT. I am going to put myself in the HURT locker without killing myself. BUT..If I want to STOP and get a picture with MICKEY..YOU BETCHA, I will be stopping.
DISNEY is NOT the race to take serious. They actually wrote "NO SELPHIE STICKS" if that gives you any idea of the seriousness of the race.

Now I have a super CUTE MINNIE MOUSE outfit that I will be wearing for the marathon. My very talented and speedy running partner Lacey is also an AMAZING seamstress! She was so excited when she finished it she came over in her robe and slippers. I was so excited to try it on that I stripped off my clothes in the kitchen without even thinking! As soon as I put the Red and White polka dotta skirt on I TWIRLED! SUCH a girl. Lacey giggled "HA ha! I saw you underpants!" We both were giggling like 5 year olds. I could feel the Magic of Disney already manifesting as I frolicked through the house in my skirt.

My bag is packed, I squished everything into a carryon.  My flight goes out of Detroit at 10:05am. I HATE flying so I am a nervous wreck.
I down loaded 3 new SONGS:
  1. The Chainsmokers(FEAT. Rozes) Bouquet
  2. Nathanial Rateliff &the Night Sweats: S.O.B.
  3. Twenty One Pilots: Stressed Out
I am feeling a little goofy about doing the half marathon on Saturday and the full on SUNDAY. I am going into it blindly.


Sunday, January 3, 2016


Well of course I would get sick less than a week out from my Disney marathon and half marathon.
Andy thinks I am half crazy taking all these natural oils and supplements. He says I smell like a stoner.
On New Years Eve I sneezed so much I thought I was possibly allergic to myself.
On New Years day due to being AWAKE all stinking night I threw in the towel and hopped out of bed at 7:30am. I packed my bag and headed to the gym while everyone was sleeping.

Just as I was leaving Andy woke, he wanted to go.  We decided to drive separately because I planned on being there longer. Hanging in the sauna and the Jacuzzi sounded better then watching hours of football.
I should have known I wasn't doing well. I was doing a conservative progressive 5 mile run. I started out sub 9 and wanted to finish sub 8. I was sweating like a stuck pig at 3 miles. Andy actually showed up and jumped on the TM next to me. He picked up my magazine to see my pace. I could tell he thought I was going faster than I was. After he left, I picked up my pace a little more. I had a mile and a half to go and my tank was EMPTY.
I so badly wanted to call this run in and use the EXCUSE "I'm tapering" however, it was a puny 5 miler and it was kicking my butt!
With a mile left, I started getting REALLY dizzy and disoriented. I discreetly slapped myself. I started tapping my fingers together and counting. Half a mile left. My head was foggy but I told myself to calm down and FOCUS.  That last half mile was horrible. I thought I was going to end up on my face flying backwards. I couldn't wait to hit the STOP button.
I finished with my Goal. It sucked. But that 5 miler didn't take me out!
I did weights, abs, stretching and rolling before heading back to the Locker room.
I wasn't finished in the locker room. I did over 17 minutes in the cold plunge and then did the Jacuzzi and the sauna. I felt like a princess. My legs felt like brand new. My body didn't! I knew I was sick.

It has been down hill from there. Thankful I am tapering.

The GYM was dead on New Years day..New years Resolutionist couldn't even make it!
AND THE WINNER IS JOAN! Joan came closest to guessing my miles for 2015. Her guess was 2200 and my total miles were 2222.3. I have a great care package filled with running goodies and some of my favorites!